With the first national event of the year fast approaching, it’s important for the whole BMXA family to know the rules and regulations around race plates this year.


As of this year, BMXA are not issuing race plates for the national series. This means riders can use their own race plates and save time acquiring one on the day.

Race plate colours will vary depending on the class the rider competes in. An example of this is, only riders with a UCI issued International Elite Number will be permitted to use white plates and black number combinations. A black plate with white numbers will not be permitted at any of the national series events.

Race plate numbers will vary from event to event with state numbers only permitted at state or club events, for all national events, only Australian and world number combinations will be permitted (i.e. W1 and 1A with the correct colour combination).  The number a rider enters for their first stage of the 2019 BMXA National Series, will be their number for the entire series, unless they have achieved a national or world plate result at the respective events.  A change to an “A” or “W” plate will be permitted if requested after these events.

All of the above is clearly outlined in Rule 54 of the BMXA 2020 Rule Book on pages 35 & 36.

If riders turn up with an incorrect colour/number combination they will be requested to change it prior to taking to the track and/or starting the next lap. Further to this if riders require a plate on race day for the national series events, BMXA will have limited number of race plate available for sale at a cost of $50.

If you would like to review the BMXA 2020 Rule Book – CLICK HERE

Please CLICK HERE, for a full breakdown of race plate numbers and colours.