Going above and beyond to make sure new members are welcomed with open arms.

COVER PIC: Courtesy of the Westside BMX Club Facebook Page.

The Westside BMX Club has recorded one of the country’s highest number of Ride In2BMX participants at their event on September 14.

Over 80 potential new members visited the Westside strip with new faces of all ages and abilities welcomed with opened arms and for some, it was the day they launched their brand-new BMX membership.

Leading the day was club committee member Alan Peet, who wasn’t surprised by the numbers and was ready for it, as opposed to last year.

“The day went really well,” Peet said.

“Last year we were a little disorganised because we didn’t expect those numbers. We were better prepared this time round and it was a great success.

“We set everything up to the guidelines that are on the BMXA website for Ride In2BMX and it was great.

“We had experienced riders with brand new ones and lots of volunteers directing traffic and helping out. It was a well organised team effort and it made everything easier for people.”

Alongside the standard social media promotion of the event, the club committee were out doing letterbox drops and engaging with the public.

“After the event, we noticed a considerable spike in rego with over 20 riders signing up on the day,” Peet said.

“We try to hold two Ride In2BMX events over the year, but we couldn’t this year due to the WA super series.”

So why does Westside have such hugely successful Ride In2BMX days?

Peet breaks it down and it’s pretty simple.

“You need to engage with the public,” Peet explained.

“But you have need to have people on hand at the event who can talk to a new rider or potential members and make them feel welcome.

“Have enough people to run the day, but also those who can provide a helping hand and talk new members through the process.

“Using YouTube clips from the Olympics and BMXA have also been a big help and helps give the sport more exposure.”

Are you a club wanting more members?

Take a look at our Ride In2BMX information page – HERE!