Each year thousands of bikes are stolen, an easy steal, but they are difficult to identify. Don’t let your bike make up those numbers!

In just over a week’s time thousands of Aussie kids will receive the gift that keeps on giving…a brand new bike (we reckon most of them will be BMX bikes too!)

For all those lucky enough to be receiving a new set of wheels this festive season, also take the time to register your bike with National Bike Register!


The National Bike Register was initiated by police and developed with Crime Stoppers, DataDot Technology and cycling sponsor Subaru to combat bike theft in Australia.

Yesterday, it was reported that Aussie rider and Castle Hill BMX Club coach Brett Scruse had his brand custom built new bike stolen out of his van (so please keep an eye out!) But it’s also a timely reminder that you can take steps to look after your ride.

Each year thousands of bikes are stolen, an easy steal, but they are difficult to identify. Even if police can identify a suspicious character, it is difficult to prove the bike does not belong to the thief without irrefutable evidence about the ownership of the asset.

Registering with the National Bike Register is worth the time, and might even save you, or your kids the difficulty of tracking down your bike if it were to be stolen.

When registering your bike be sure to include details such as primary and secondary colours and any other unique identifying features. You can also upload an image of your bike. The better the information supplied and picture uploaded, the more identifiable your asset will be!

Other key information to include is as follows:

  • Bike serial number
  • Bike make, model and other identifying information
  • Description of componentry
  • Accessories (heart rate monitors, computers etc)


No one wants a bike stolen this Christmas, or any time. Help others, help you and register your bike today.