The Hills BMX Club’s opening event for the calendar year is back for its fifth edition with the first round of the Tri-Series on Sunday and the Tales from the Berm has the low-down on what happened.


Started in 2015, the Tri-Series is growing each and every year as the opener for the Hills BMX Club with more than 180 riders across the day partaking in some competitive and fun racing.

The women’s superclass had Westside’s Lilyanne Croft produce a clean sweep across the day, however it was only by the slightest of margins in the end, as local favourite Catherine Hopkins fell short of first place by less than a second in the final.

In the men’s superclass, Wanneroo’s Bradley Game showed his game by edging out the Hills very own Jamie Gill and Corey Taylor of Woorree Park, in a tense final race.

While the superclass spearheaded the show, it wasn’t the only success story on the day.

One rider that stood out was Mandurah’s Amelie Reid, who took it upon herself to enter into the 9-boy’s and took the chocolates, clean sweeping her male competitors.

Reid is continuing to add to her success after finishing fourth overall in the national series in 2019, her most notable performance was clean sweeping stage two at Westside. Check out the final below.

See below the top three from each race for the first round of the Tri-Series;

Superclass Men’s

  1. Bradley Game, Wanneroo BMX Club
  2. Jamie Gill, Hills BMX Club
  3. Corey Taylor, Wooree Park BMX Club

Superclass Women’s

  1. Lilyanne Croft, Westside BMX Club
  2. Catherine Hopkins, Hills BMX Club
  3. Jessica Lathwell, Hills BMX Club

8 Boy’s

  1. Sebastian Cox, Wanneroo BMX Club
  2. Coby Robson, Wanneroo BMX Club
  3. Cooper Reynolds, Westside BMX Club

8 Girl’s

  1. Mikayla Thornber, Cockburn BMX Club
  2. Bria Kane, Hills BMX Club
  3. Charlotte Simpons, Southside BMX Club

9 Boy’s

  1. Amelie Reid, Mandurah BMX Club
  2. Myles Davies, Hills BMX Club
  3. Harry Morris, Rockingham BMX Club

9 Girl’s

  1. Rylee Cook, Southside BMX Club
  2. Mikayla Thornber, Cockburn BMX Club
  3. Bria Kane, Hills BMX Club

10 Boy’s

  1. Jack Malone, Rockingham BMX Club
  2. Nate Robinson, Karratha BMX Club
  3. Cody Steel, Southside BMX Club

10 Girl’s

  1. Alana Glenister, Southside BMX Club
  2. Lola Hurrell, Southside BMX Club

8-10 Cruiser

  1. Jake Poat, Westside BMX Club
  2. Nate Robinson, Karratha BMX Club
  3. Cody Steel, Southside BMX Club

11 Boy’s

  1. TJ Rikihana-Gray, Rockingham BMX Club
  2. Coby Van de Velde, Westside BMX Club
  3. Oliver Hogan, Southside BMX Club

11 Girl’s

  1. Molly Betteridge, Eastern Goldfields BMX Club
  2. Sarah Brooker, Westside BMX Club
  3. Neave Knight, Rockingham BMX Club

12 Boy’s

  1. Declan McGhee, Rockingham BMX Club
  2. Jarrod Patterson, Wanneroo BMX Club
  3. Adam Waterman Byford BMX Club

12 Girl’s

  1. Alyssa Howat, Westside BMX Club
  2. Nadia Gabbiani, New Zealand
  3. Ella Niemann, Westside BMX Club

11-12 Cruiser

  1. Declan McGhee, Rockingham BMX Club
  2. Adam Waterman, Byford BMX Club
  3. Cooper Dunlop, Mandurah BMX Club

13 Boy’s

  1. Matias Harris, Westside BMX Club
  2. Ewan Miller, Wanneroo BMX Club
  3. Billy Summerville, Westside BMX Club

13 Girl’s

  1. Kindle Rapley, Westside BMX Club

13+ Cruiser

  1. Jordan Callum, Rockingham BMX Club
  2. Koby Ratajczak, Westside BMX Club
  3. Hayden Cooke, Hills BMX Club

14 Boy’s

  1. Jay Lander, Byford BMX Club
  2. Tyson Brenzi, Cockburn BMX Club
  3. Brodie Murray, Cockburn BMX Club

14+ Women’s

  1. Dancia Pilmer, Southside BMX Club
  2. Kindle Rapley, Westside BMX Club
  3. Jordan Johnson, Hills BMX Club

15 Boy’s

  1. Angus Richards, Westside BMX Club
  2. Bailey Jokic, Byford BMX Club
  3. Luke Adams, Southside BMX Club

16 Boy’s

  1. Jordan Callum, Rockingham BMX Club
  2. Flynn Phillips, Hills BMX Club
  3. Jacob Goddard, Westside BMX Club

17-29 Men’s

  1. Christopher Lathwell, Hills BMX Club
  2. Bryce Lane, Hills BMX Club
  3. Carl Barlow, Bunbury BMX Club

30+ Men’s

  1. Jeffrey Bell, Byforth BMX Club
  2. Malcom Yeardley, Hills BMX Club
  3. Brad Lane, Hills BMX Club

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Alongside the Tri-Series, BMX Victoria’s Track Attack continued with strong numbers in two rounds over the weekend.

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Since then four more rounds have taken place with Shepparton’s Hayden Fletcher dominating rounds five and six on the weekend in the men’s superclass, while Clare McNamara of Terrigal and Zoe Johnston of Knox battled between first and second four times across the last four rounds.

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Entries are still open for BMXA’s events, with the first round of the national series at Shepparton on January 31st drawing closer – entries close 11pm January 27, so enter now – HERE!

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Sunday, January 19

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