We have had a few enquiries regarding Retro racing at this year’s national championships…

COVER PIC: Courtesy of Rainers Bike Shop.)

Like all sports BMX needs to recognise, appreciate and understand the history of where the sport of BMX came from.  The history of the sport has a time and place and it is very important that we as a wider BMX community embrace the appropriate timing and events that could include the Retro classes.

The BMXA National Championships is our sport’s premier domestic event and is very much the show case of BMXA’s racing calendar.  The purpose of the event is to celebrate the great event that it is and the results of current athletes.

Again we would encourage all States & Clubs to selectively choose a time in supporting the Retro classes so as they do not lose their position within the sport.

Some interesting stats and facts regarding Retro racing at nationals…

In the last five years the highest number of entries in Retro classes has been 41 (in 2017) – and that’s across all age groups. The most in an individual age group in the last five years is 19 (in 2014 & 2016)!

So, while we respect that some members would like to race more regularly in Retro events, we will not be offering the class at national series or national championships.