Part man, part BMX rider, part wolf. SA’s much loved mascot returns!

Part man, part BMX rider, part wolf.

The 2017 BMX South Australia state championships delivered in bucket loads last weekend, and it was the reappearance of a much-loved mascot that put the crowd in the right space to make the most of the racing at Happy Valley BMX Club.

Just like Knox BMX Club in Victoria have the ‘Knox Croc’, for years SA had ‘Wolfie’, the big personality and alter ego of rider Brett Malic. The return of the larger-than-life crowd pleaser ensured that energy levels remained at a high across the entire event.

It was just one of many factors that assisted SA’s largest BMX event for 2017 to go off without a hitch. Fast and furious racing, with very few incidents.

Highlighting the event was the performance of Rayna Anesbury, who has also recently enjoyed success on her mountain bike, but returned to BMX to chalk up victories in the women’s superclass time trial and superclass racing events, while also winning her 13-14-years girls event.

In the men’s event, it was 2015 junior elite time trial world champion Shane Rosa who showed his prowess to win the contest for the fastest lap of the track. But when it came to the men’s superclass race final there was a Victorian invasion in the form of Tom Siinma who crossed first ahead of South Australian’s James Smith and Rosa.

Meanwhile things were getting spicy in the 10 and 11 girls racing as Imogen Healy and Shae Archibald showed why they are the current Australian champions in their respective classes. The duo finished 2017 on a high with a clean sweep at their state titles event.

While the numerous on track performances sizzled in South Australia – even with early predictions of bad weather, that never materialised – the success of the event was attributed to more than just top-level racing.

Behind the scenes the organising committee had put in long hours, and the results were clear to see with a new benchmark for the state event set. Visiting officials were warmly welcomed, including BMXA President Neil Cameron who was swiftly put to work.

In another nice touch to the event, interstate competitors were provided with a local tourist book in their registration bag to show them everything SA has to offer.

Keep those ones handy for round five of the 2018 BMX Australia National Series at Cross Keys BMX Club, SA on August 18-19!

Stress toys were also included in the registration bags for the hordes of anxious parents stationed trackside throughout the event.

As for Wolfie, we aren’t 100 per cent sure if it was Malic that brought him back to life, but the 40+ men’s rider did haul himself into the final and grabbed the 8SA plate.

In the days since the event BMXSA have received plenty of positive feedback about the event, and things are looking sunny in SA. As the locals say, “heaps good!”


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