Two-time BMX Olympian Lauren Reynolds is a proud ambassador World Bicycle Relief, and as such is currently on the mission to raise $10,000 for this great cause…and with tax time right around the corner, now is the perfect time to assist her by making a tax deductable donation!

PIC: Craig Dutton Photography 

A passionate cyclist for the past 20-years. Reynolds’ support of WBR is a way for her to give back to a charity that mobilises people through the power of bicycles. The organisation distributes specially designed, high quality Buffalo Bicycles in developing communities around the world.

Buffalo Bicycles are designed to withstand the challenging terrain and conditions in rural and developing areas.

The aim of WBR is to also promote local economies and long-term sustainability by assembling bicycles locally and training field mechanics to service them. Some of the community benefits derived from this include increased productivity and better attendance rate for school students, with academic performances also improving.

It also means that health care workers can visit more patients in less time than before. For Reynolds, her support of WBR provides an opportunity to positively influence the lives of others.

“My goal is to raise $10,000, which will make 51 bikes to be donated,” Reynolds said.

“One bike is just $195, and every cent helps! One of these bikes will completely change someone’s life and get another person up on two wheels and I’d do anything to make that happen.

“I’m also offering a special deal for those who donate $50 or more. I will send you a signed WBR T-shirt as a thank you.

“Please share this to anyone you think may be interested and let’s work together and change someone’s life!”

You can help Reynolds by donating at this link:

This is a great initiative, which will afford others the same joy on a bike and benefits that so many Australian’s take for granted!