The program will be rolled out with immediate effect, replacing both National Sign On Day and Come and Try Day’s, bringing all programs to try the sport under one branded umbrella

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of receiving your first bike, learning to ride it without training wheels, and of course hitting the BMX track for the first time, and from 2018 onwards BMX Australia will be enticing new participants to the track under the Ride In 2 BMX program.

Ride In 2 BMX will replace what was previously ‘National Sign on Day’, as well as ‘Come and Try’ day’s, branding the two programs into one streamlined name. The branding has been designed to make clearer that it’s an opportunity to try the sport of BMX.

As in previous years, BMX Australia will support local clubs during designated periods throughout the year, as was done with National Sign On Day.

However the 2018 annual membership drive will instead be split across eight different periods throughout the year, rather than one month. Each state will receive promotional support from BMX Australia for ‘Ride In 2 BMX’ in the three weeks following their round of the 2018 National Series.

Western Australia will receive that support in the three weeks following the 2018 National Championships.

While direct support from BMX Australia will be provided at those time periods, local clubs are still encouraged to open their doors to riders throughout the year, like they have previously done with Come and Try day’s.

These specific days will also be known as ‘Ride In 2 BMX’, and can be branded as ‘days’; ‘weekends’, ‘sessions’ or any other name that a club feels is suitable for their event.

Also available to clubs for their ‘Ride In 2 BMX’ program will be flyers and posters (which will be sent electronically) to use in their local areas.

BMX Australia Participation Manager, Toni Hulme said that significant time has been put into making the sport easier to identify for new riders, and more marketable for clubs who rely on volunteers to keep thriving.

“Over the past few months we have been working on a detailed participation strategy for submission to the Australian Sports Commission (ASC), and that branches into multiple facets of the sport, from membership to events and coaching/officials,” Hulme said.

“Ride In 2 BMX is just one step in the right direction to make the branding of our sport cleaner and easier for prospective riders to identify. Instead of seeing messages for differing programs that had the same purpose – as we had with National Sign On Day and Come and Try Day’s – we now have one, streamlined brand.

“Our focus is now to work with clubs Australia-wide to roll out the Ride In 2 BMX program. The goal is that as we build this program up Aussie kids, teenagers and adults will begin to recognise that Ride In 2 BMX is the best way to get on the gate.

“We’ve seen similar programs be successful over the years with sports such as netball, tennis and water polo. We expect this brand to help excite and entice Australian’s to get on their bike and ride.”

The first round of Ride In 2 BMX days have already been earmarked in NSW in the weeks following the first round of the 2018 BMX Australia National Series.


Australian BMX Club’s in Western Australia and Victoria are now strongly encouraged to register their Ride In 2 BMX days with BMX Australia in order to receive promotional support following their major national events.

Clubs can register by emailing Toni Hulme here: