Encouraging new members to have a go and get involved in their local club, have a read about how successful the Ride In2 BMX events have been so far.

Ride In2 BMX is a fun and engaging way for those that want to give the sport a go during an encouraging introductory session at their local track.

There are more than 110 active BMX clubs in Australia and throughout the year each hold Ride In2 BMX events that are FREE and FUN to attend.

During these events the participants can learn the basics of riding a BMX track from an accredited Australian coach in an encouraging environment. All riders who take to the track are also covered by BMX Australia’s rider insurance.

Alongside the fun on the track, the chance to connect with the BMX community is something that is cherished and highly valued from all our members. You’re not just enjoying the sport but the wonderful environment that is possesses in Australia.

Over the past couple of weekends, we have had countless Ride In2 BMX events around Australia at our enthusiastic clubs – and the numbers are staggering.

The Western Australian BMX clubs of Eastern Goldfields, Tom Price and Bunbury held their Ride days over the weekend of April 28-29 and had incredible success. Great attendance was seen across all three clubs –  take a look at the social posts below from Eastern Goldfields and Bunbury.

The Registrar from Bunbury, Keryn Williams, informed our team at BMX Australia headquarters of the day’s success.

“We are already seeing the flow on effect from our new riders and their friends and families interested in joining as well. So, we are extremely happy with the event and we plan to hold another in spring,” Williams explained.

Casey BMX Club in Victoria also had a successful Ride In2 BMX day, bringing in over 60 riders to have a go and enjoy the atmosphere that this new club has to offer. Take a look at some of the photo’s in the post below.

The success of these events speaks for themselves. If you’re a club in the Northern Territory or in Queensland, your national series events are drawing closer!

If you hold Ride In2 BMX events in conjunction with your BMXA National Series round, our team here at BMXA will support your events with sponsored social media promotion, Facebook banners and the opportunity to win a $500 prize for your club if you successfully convert an interested rider!

If you’re from the NT – CLICK HERE to get your applications in for your events on June 30 and July 1,7 and 8.

If you’re from QLD – CLICK HERE to get your applications in for your events on July 28, 29. (Except for Southern QLD BMX Zones on August 18/19)

Featured Image: Bunbury BMX Club – Facebook page