There could be a club near you hosting their Ride In2 BMX event this weekend, get down and support new members of the BMXA family!

Our Ride In2 BMX initiative is all about getting aspiring BMX riders the chance to join our fantastic sport and the community it possesses.

Focussed on being a fun and engaging way for those that want to ride BMX, it also includes an encouraging introductory session all done at your local track.

There are more than 110 active BMX clubs in Australia and throughout the year each hold events that are free and fun!


Included in learning the basics of riding on a BMX track, we will be providing an accredited Australia coach as well as all riders being covered by our rider insurance.

To see the full list of upcoming Ride In2 BMX events at clubs near you CLICK HERE!

We have four BMX clubs over the weekend (including Monday) which will be hosting their Ride In2 BMX events. Take a look below!

They are:

Saturday April 7

  • Hedland BMX Club, Western Australia – Visit page HERE
  • Westside BMX Club, Western Australia – Visit page HERE
  • Cockburn BMX Club, Western Australia – Visit page HERE

 Sunday April 8

  • Jingili BMX Club, Northern Territory – Visit page HERE

 Monday April 9

  • Manning Valley BMX Club, New South Wales. – Visit page HERE

To see if you have any upcoming events at a club near you here is the link again! – HERE.