Rider Profiles

Des'ree Barnes
Multiple Challenge Class World Champion
Andrew Hughes
2016 Junior Elite National Champion
Kai Sakakibara
Dual Oceania Champion
Lauren Reynolds
Dual Olympian
Brandon Te Hiko
2018 Elite National Champion

Caroline Buchanan

Former World Champion
Canberra, ACT
Sun City California/Canberra ACT
Age started riding:
Wade Bootes
Favourite track
London Olympic Track - that "underground" corner!

Major Achievements


2016 – semi final
2012 – 5th

World Championships:

2017 – Elite 2nd
2016 – Elite 2nd; 1st time trial
2015 – Elite 2nd
2014 – Elite 2nd time trial
2013 – Elite 1st; 3rd time trial
2012 – Elite 1st time trial
2011 – Elite 2nd time trial

World Cups:

2016 – 1st R1, R2; R3 2nd
2015 – 1st R1; 4th R2, R4; 6th R5; semi final R3
2014 – 1st in overall standings; 1st R1, R3; 2nd R5; 4th R2; 7th R4
2012 – 1st in overall standings
2010 – 2nd in overall standings

Oceania Championships:

2016 – Elite, 2nd
2015 – Elite, 2nd
2012 – Elite, 1st

National Championships:

2017 – Elite, 1st
2015 – Elite, 1st
2014 – Elite, 1st

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @cbuchanan68
Facebook: @cbuchanan68
Twitter: @cbuchanan68
YouTube: carolinebuchanan

Personal Sponsors:

Boost Mobile, Fist Gloves, Maxxis, Fasthouse, ODI, Oakley, Merceds-Benz Canberra, Harley-Davidson, Knobby, SRAM, Bell Helmets, ThinkTank Scout and special thanks to Rubik3 for helping me support my NextGen girls Scholarships each year.


Something people may not know about you:

I wear one contact in one eye.

Hobbies outside BMX:

Mountain biking, trails, Harleys, loving French bulldogs, golf, media, craft

Favourite snack on race day:
Sweet potato
Person you look up to & why:

Tara Llanes – BMX and Mountain biker – I bought my first 4X bike off her in 2007 and shortly after she had a terrible accident and became a paraplegic. Her journey since has been amazing, she showed such tenacity and grit in her recovery journey and is now doing downhill mountain biking on a specially modified hand cycle. Such determination and focus to get back doing what you love has to be acknowledged and applauded. Tara also has her own company now that specialises in adaptive equipment for the differently abled and is training in wheelchair tennis to try and make the 2020 Paralympics. Check her out – inspirational – https://www.pinkbike.com/news/Characters-7-Tara-Llanes-The-Warrior-2013.html and https://www.tarallanesindustries.com/maintenance