The National Championships are on our doorstep, so here are some of the numbers making up this year’s event. PLUS, check out the entry list, schedule, final riders instructions and photography!

The 2018 BMX Australia National Championships are on our doorstep, and armed with their bikes, safety gear and enthusiasm are 1,135 riders, making up 1,938 entries for the event set to roll into Bunbury BMX Club, Western Australia from March 19-25.

In total there will be 102 clubs represented in Bunbury, located 180km south of Perth. Unsurprisingly the state armed with the most clubs attending the event is Queensland, who are bringing 29 clubs to the biggest event on the Aussie BMX calendar.

Equally unsurprising is that it’s the home state that will have the highest percentage of members on the track. Western Australia will hope to lay down the law and claim a few handfuls of Aussie plates with 17.5 per cent of their membership giving the event a red-hot go.

We reckon they’ll put on a pretty good show for the easterners attending the event too. And just so we’re all on the same page, anywhere east of WA makes you an easterner…even if you’re somewhere in the middle! (Or so we hear).

Of the visiting states NSW have the highest contingent of their membership-heading west, with 10.1% of NSW members making the trip from east to west in the hope if securing a coveted Aussie plate.

But it isn’t just the Australian titles that are drawing riders. Competition proper will begin on Wednesday March 21 with the UCI Oceania Continental Championships, and that is shaping up as a tantalising Australia versus New Zealand tussle.

Among the top ranked Kiwi’s heading for our shores are Rebecca Petch, who we have seen in our National Series in years gone by, as well as 2012 Olympic silver medallist Sarah Walker.

Walker drew our attention late last year when she performed a daring task in Auckland, read ‘Sarah Walker has lost her marbles’ HERE.

In the elite men’s Continental Championships race Maynard Peel will be the sole New Zealand rider in a sea of Aussies. However the junior elite men’s class will see six Kiwis in action, including the highly rated Cailen Calkin.


All racing aside, this week has been a busy one, with the official schedule having been released, as well as the final riders instructions.

Those attending are also reminded that official photo’s will be available throughout the event through local organisation Energy Images. You can check out the details regarding PHOTOGRAPHY, HERE.

The action at the 2018 BMX Australia National Championships begins with practice for riders on Monday March 19 and Tuesday March 20.

Wednesday March 21 sees the UCI Oceania Continental Championships take place. Thursday March 22 and Friday March 23 will feature Cruiser classes, age group and challenge events.

Saturday March 24 will be the big-ticket item as the championship events, with elite classes, hit top gear.

Entry to the track for the event is free, while those driving will need to pay a $2 parking fee. Spectators are welcome.