Simply outstanding! Check out the Sunday wrap for the fifth round of the national series.

COVER PIC: The Cross Keys BMX track was full of legends this week. (Pic courtesy of Get Snapt)

Guts, action and electrifying excitement. The fifth round of the 2018 BMX Australia National Series at Cross Keys BMX Club had everything an event needs, from the competitors on the track, to the members and cheer squads around it.

Over 300 riders were put to the test on a perfectly produced strip in northern Adelaide and the riders representing the hosting state took full advantage of their familiar surroundings to get the job done.

A total of 42 classes were contested, across 33 gates in the finals session (some classes were combined) with 11 SA riders standing tall on the podium.

The successful South Australian riders included one rider from the host club – Tara Fitzpatrick in the 11-12-girl’s cruiser.

Happy Valley’s Preston Murray (11-boy’s), Trey Tuffin (12-boy’s), Jake Squires (13-boy’s), Tom Freeman (35-39-men’s cruiser) and Sharon Watson in the 30+ masters ladies.

The Cove were victorious with 12-girl’s national champion Shae Archbold, Brett Malic in the 50+ men’s and, of course, Shane Rosa who spectacularly won the men’s superclass event to finish the day.

Watch his race below!

Tea Tree Gully had their 11-girls national champion, Imogen Healy, clean up in her class and she is sure to be one to watch as we continue to see her win races. Read about her and her twin sister Fenella Healy – HERE.

The other winners were Emily Anderson (Gawler) in the 17-24 women’s cruiser

The visiting states were not backing down from a fight as races throughout the entire weekend were producing climactic results. One in particular that has captured interest was the 15-boy’s final which had two riders cross the finish line within 26/1000 of a second.

Watch it!

There is no doubt that the racing on show over the weekend was outstanding and for some riders, their weekend was pure class. Below are the riders who never missed a moto and wrapped up the day winning every race they competed in.

  • South Australian winners Rosa, Watson, Squires, Malic, Healy and Archbold mentioned above
  • Ashlee Miller: Superclass (Castle Hill BMX Club, NSW)
  • Cameron Gatt: 10-boy’s + 8-10 cruiser boy’s (Geelong BMX Club, VIC)
  • Jordan Callum: 14-boy’s (Rockingham BMX Club, WA)
  • Oliver Moran: 16-boy’s (Manning Valley BMX Club, NSW)
  • James Lautier: 25-29 men’s (Sunbury BMX Club, VIC)
  • Craig Graham: 40-44 men’s + 40-44 cruiser men’s (Northern Park BMX Club, VIC)
  • Molly Williamson: 8-girl’s (Redlands BMX Club)
  • Stephanie Alexander: 9-girl’s (Knox BMX Club, VIC)
  • Isabella Schramm: 13-girl’s (Ashmore BMX Club, QLD)
  • Lilyanne Croft: 14-girl’s (Westside BMX Club, WA)
  • Kiana Botfield: 17-24 women’s (Pine Rivers BMX Club, QLD)
  • Joshua Jolly: 11-12 cruiser boy’s (Knox BMX Club, VIC)
  • Sam Thompson: 15-16 cruiser boy’s (Sydney BMX Club, NSW)
  • Bailey Stewart: 30-34 men’s (Ballarat-Sebastopol BMX Club, VIC)

Alongside our competitive classes, we also had the ‘sprockets’ on track and they had the entire support crew cheering them across the finish line. There is no doubt that spectators trackside today could have been watching a future international sporting star.

For a full list of results from the fifth round of the national series CLICK HERE.

The next stop for the 2018 BMXA National Series is at Tuggeranong BMX Club on September 15-16. Entries close on August 26 and late entries September 2. You can enter HERE.