The perfect way to get excited for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

COVER PIC: Courtesy of Cycling Australia BMX Instagram

Australia’s Olympic hopeful Saya Sakakibara has claimed the top spot on the podium during the Ready Steady Tokyo Test Event, where the 2020 Olympic Games will take place next year.

Sakakibara was first across the line against a star-studded gate, with USA’s world no.1 Alise Willoughby in second and Felicia Stancil in third.

On the men’s podium, Frenchman Romain Mahieu took the line honours with the Netherlands’ 2019 world cup champion Niek Kimmann in second and Swiss rider David Graf in third.

Rio Olympic finalist Anthony Dean narrowly missed out on the podium finishing in fourth place while Saya’s brother Kai didn’t line up on the gate due to injury.


Elite Men’s

  1. Romain Mahieu (FRA)
  2. Niek Kimmann (NED)
  3. David Graf (SUI)
  4. Anthony Dean (AUS)
  5. Renaud Blanc (ENG)
  6. Quillan Isidore (ENG)
  7. Simon Marquart (SUI)
  8. Joris Harmsen (NED)

Elite Women’s

  1. Saya Sakakibara (AUS)
  2. Alise Willoughby (USA)
  3. Felicia Stancil (USA)
  4. Yaroslava Bondarenko (RUS)
  5. Zoe Claessens (SUI)
  6. Bethany Shriever (ENG)
  7. Daina Tuchscherer (CAN)
  8. Mariana Pajon (ARG)