Sports Camps Australia is the perfect way to satisfy your children’s needs… and possibly yours!

The October school holidays are drawing closer which means that the thought of your children stuck inside on your couch for days on end is becoming increasingly common.

Well stress no more!

Sports Camps Australia (SCA) has the answer getting them out and about doing something they’ll enjoy is a much better option for them and for you.

Conducting five BMX camps around New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland from October 3-11, SCA is giving BMXA members (and non-members) the chance to develop their skills and even make some new friends.

The camps are directed by some of Australia’s most respected club coaches and riding professionals offering a fun, safe and healthy learning environment.

Sharing your passion and enthusiasm for the sport, the camp leaders will provide four to five hours of coaching focussing on air tricks, race strategy, bike position and an introduction to new tricks!

The SCA Under Armour BMX Camps and their times are below:

  • Sydney BMX Club, NSW: October 1-2 More info CLICK HERE
  • Casey BMX Club, VIC: October 1 – 2 More info CLICK HERE
  • Southlake/Illawarra BMX Club, NSW: October 3 – 4 More info CLICK HERE
  • Bayside BMX Club, QLD: October 4 – 5 More info CLICK HERE
  • Castle Hill BMX Club, NSW: October 8 – 9 More info CLICK HERE 

We spoke with SCA BMX Camp director Graham Douglas earlier in the year, and this is what he had to say about the success of this program.

“We joined SCA with our BMX camps four years ago and it is continuing to grow and grow,” Douglas explains.

“The best thing about our camps is seeing kids turn up with no experience whatsoever and watching them progress through the camp until at the end. They are balancing on the gate and competing in relays full of confidence.”

To read more about Douglas and the SCA CLICK HERE.

For you other clubs out there, jump on the SCA train which is generating more riders, more enjoyment and more recognition for the clubs that are holding their camps.

To begin your SCA partnership – email