Cheers to, the one and only Sam Willoughby delves into his ones to watch ahead of the 2020 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup.

With what’s shaping as the ultimate year of BMX racing beginning at the Shepparton BMX Club on February 1 & 2, when the year launches with the first two rounds of the 2020 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup, it would be amiss to not ask Australia’s most successful ever BMXer Sam Willoughby for his riders to watch.

Sam won the Olympic silver medal at the London Olympics and is a two-time elite world champion.

Now he is a coach of some of the world’s best including fellow Aussie and lifelong friend Anthony Dean, and his own wife, Alise Willoughby, the reigning elite world champion.

Who better to take us through the top riders to watch than him!

Here they are!

Top 5 Men to Watch

Anthony Dean – in his home country world cup rounds, he is way overdue for a win. I think he is one of the most exciting riders out there and he is really motivated to do it in Australia. This would be the perfect platform for him to begin his Olympic campaign and his other goals for 2020.

Niek Kimmann – I rate him as the guy to beat out of everyone in the world. Not only is he physically strong, but he has a unique riding style and he can ride any track. Power with height, he is fluent on the bike and pretty much anywhere you go he’ll be a threat.


Connor Fields – The Rio Olympic gold medallist is always one to look out for. It’s safe to say that he is pure talent. He is the best in the world when it comes to the ability to race fast. His skill set is probably unmatched at race speed. He rides the track very fast and he proved that with time trials as an untouchable. Really efficient and fluent on the track.

Corben Sharrah – Corben can sometimes be a little bit hit and miss. But having said that, he is really efficient with those tracks that require pedalling. He’s really strong at where and how he applies his power. Both Shepparton and Bathurst will suit him well and he is coming off a great season in the US.


The Frenchmen – Normally I would say Joris (Daudet) but Sylvain Andre always finds a way to put himself in the mix. On both of these tracks (Shepparton and Bathurst) you have to make speed. Especially Bathurst because it’s all downhill and he’s very good at making the track roll fast, he will be excellent.