New Zealand’s star BMX athlete goes for a ride on a narrow walkway 192 metres above Auckland City…and we’re done after seeing this.

She might not be one of our riders, but this week Sarah Walker rode her bike at a location that might be the envy of any rider…on top of Auckland’s Sky Tower, a casual 192 metres above the city.

Irrespective of how cool it is, how she plucked up the courage to pedal at such a height is beyond us. Quite frankly, the only answer as to why she agreed to do it is because she’s lost her marbles.

The stunt came about as a part of the 10th anniversary celebrations of the AJ Hackett Skywalk, which was created to give visitors an adventurous and surreal view of Auckland. It’s a cool attraction, but one more regularly done on foot…Sarah.

All jesting aside, Walker is undoubtedly a hero of many riders both in NZ and here in Australia, and is a great role model for female athletes around the world. Aside from being borderline crazy, this stunt exemplifies the cool things that come a rider’s way after years of dedication, hard work and a handful of success.

Walker, a London Olympic silver medallist and member of the IOC Athletes’ Commission, also spent time on the green and gold shores of Australia earlier this year. To the excitement of riders on both sides of the ditch Walker participated in round three of the 2017 BMXA National Series in Bathurst, winning that round.

She also acted as a mentor to her younger Kiwi riders at the 2017 UCI Oceania Championships held at the same venue.

In 2018 we are eager to see plenty of New Zealand riders make their way to Bunbury, Western Australia for next year’s Oceania titles, including Walker.

But Sarah, if you are reading this…do not stop in Sydney, do not add Sydney Tower Skywalk to your list of places you’ve ridden. Simply fly direct to Perth. We have some people who can help with your travel too (they have been briefed on providing a non-stop service).

Watch the video below! (Courtesy SkyJump Skywalk New Zealand)