The second round of the BMX Australia 2018 National Series at Frankston BMX Club was incredible, check out our full wrap up.

A tonne of highlights includes the Rio Olympic gold medallist Connor Fields (wow that guy is fast!), the double dose of Jai and Jai at Frankston BMX Club and a cracking story on Rebecca Koffel PLUS heaps more!

With that being said, we thought we would share it all in a wrap for your enjoyment.

Beginning our wrap is the FREE coaching clinic that is available at all our national series events to help beginner and level one coaches continue developing their skills.

Led by National Team Manager, Luke Madill and his team, the Saturday morning was jam-packed with aspiring coaches learning from the Beijing Olympian.

Once the clinic was over, it was down to the track practice and motos one and two of the challenge classes. Before racing got underway, we decided to ask some of our elite riders to do a lap of the track and ask them how best go about attacking it.

With all the action on the track, we thought about the local riders from Frankston BMX Club and couldn’t help but notice the names of Jai Rossborough (12 Boys) and Jai McFarland (Sprocket) check out why they love BMX below!

Alongside Jai and Jai, we also caught up with Rebecca Koffel and why she loves her Frankston BMX community. Normally it’s the parents who get their children to to sign up for BMX but not in Koffel’s case.

Saturday’s action was all about the challenge classes and their motos one and two. So many great results from riders putting themselves in a dominating position for the following day. To check out the wrap up of Saturday – CLICK HERE.

Race day Sunday had everything from an opening ceremony to some of the best riders currently in Australia battling it out on the track.

Our Sunday wrap video has a taste of what was on offer including some interviews with some elite riders and an awesome view of the track from above – Courtesy of The Riders Life.

Joining our BMX Australia President Neil Cameron for the opening ceremony was Major of Frankston, Councillor Hampton. Recognising the local community and the outstanding effort of the Frankston BMX Club, Councillor Hampton welcomed the visiting riders and racing got underway.

There are many teams that make these events what they are. One team in particular that never rests once the gates are dropped and keep us entertained throughout the whole day of racing are our commentators.

Taking it upon themselves to come up with their own unique uniform, have a look at what they wore atop the second berm.

The second round of the #BMXANS hit social media like wildfire. Below are a couple of posts from clubs, riders and BMX enthusiasts. Check them out.

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Down to the numbers and the results from the weekend can be found in Ezeventing. Read up on our article HERE  for the results.

With the results in, that means that the standings are also updated. To see them – CLICK HERE.

Of course, we can never forget our awesome sprockets who are the future of our sport. They gave it their all and there are definitely some riders to watch out for in the future. Helmets off to our fantastic staff members including Event Manager – Emily MacIver and Members Coordinator – Daniel Spence.

Now that our second round is over, our attention now turns to round three at Satellite City BMX Club in Darwin. For all information –  CLICK HERE!

For all our videos from our weekend at Frankston BMX Club, check out our Youtube playlist – HERE!