We threw the question out there to BMX riders and families around Australia who travelled to Baku, Azerbaijan for this year’s UCI BMX World Championships – ‘What was the funniest/quirkiest/most interesting thing that happened while you were in Baku?’ The responses were all time.

Cover pic: Craig Dutton Photography

Check them out below:

Glenn Eden cheering home Portia (ours too!)

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Wash room ladies in the port-a-loos 

Pushed into a laneway to avoid seeing the president

Monkey man at the welcoming party dancing with his monkey and then copying our dance moves

When our salad arrived at the restaurant


That you could try, and hand make Turkish carpets at the race track

Lovely touch up/pat down we got every time we entered the track (Note, security was a priority for the organisers!)

The monkey in a dress with earrings (Multiple entries)


Bean bag chill out zones – recommended for BMXA events


Paying 20c to use the toilet


Existence of Nokia mobile phones  

That the city was beautiful


Cheap Coca Cola, around 60c (Step back $3+ in Australia)


Another for security – Military surrounding the track and doing a sweep of the inside and outside of the venue, including over the track, with dogs and metal detectors.

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What was the funniest/quirkiest/most interested thing that happened to you while in Baku?

Posted by Team AUS – BMX World Championships on Wednesday, June 13, 2018