The 2019 BMXA National Championships will be held in Shepparton and we have some advice when it comes to booking your accommodation – speak to the Greater Shepparton Visitor Centre…

Since the announcement that next year’s BMXA National Championships will take place from May 20-25 in Shepparton, Victoria, plenty of questions have been asked about accommodation.


Where to stay. How to book. Where to eat. What to do when you’re not at the race track.

Over the course of the next 10 months we will cover all of that and more but first thing’s first. You all need somewhere to stay.

Understandably a lot of people have already booked somewhere to sleep, shower and eat while they are in Shepparton, but there are even more people who are yet to make the move.

The first thing to know is the Greater Shepparton Visitor Centre should be your best friend when looking to find something that suits you and the needs of your travel party.

Greater Shepparton offers an extensive range of accommodation styles to suit a wide range of requirements and budgets. With over 1800 beds available within 15-20 minute radius of the event venue, accommodation options include: serviced apartments, quality hotels and motels, bed and breakfast facilities, caravan parks, cabins and camping.

This wide variety of options allows fantastic flexibility and value for money for people attending the nationals.

The Greater Shepparton Visitor Centre is open 7 days a week and provides prospective visitors with a professional service coupled with knowledgeable staff to take the hassle out of finding accommodation, and are available in person, via the web, email or phone (1800 808 839 ) to assist participants and spectators find suitable accommodation to match their requirements.

The Greater Shepparton Visitor Centre can work with individuals, families, clubs, states or pro-teams to provide information on accommodation to suit their requirements. The following table illustrates some potential accommodation pricing options for multi share arrangements.

When it comes to food, it’s important to note, most of the restaurants are within the Central Business District of Shepparton. And there are of course a number of supermarkets to buy your own to prepare at your accommodation, if that’s what you are after.

So if you need help – the Greater Shepparton Visitor Centre is your go to. They are available in person, via the web, email or phone (1800 808 839).

If you’re looking for assistance in transport to Shepparton, BMXA advise to go through normal channels – either via the web or a travel agent.