Be sure to check where all the pro shops, team and state teams are. See you there!

COVER PIC: Holding the second round of the 2018 BMXA National Series, Frankston BMX Club provided a spectacular weekend of racing. (Photo courtesy of ProLab Projects)

The fourth round of the 2018 BMXA National Series is only a few sleeps away and more information has been released about the event.

Before making the trip to Nerang BMX Club, below are some  key pieces of information including the site map which also explains the lay-out for the reserved tent space of pro shops, team and state tents.

Upon arriving at the venue, be sure to refer to this information before finding your space in the allocated/marked out area.

Allotment Name Size
1 General Tent Areas N/A
2 Thrill 3 x 6
3 DK 6 x 6
4 One7Nine BMX 3 x 6
5 Xzibit 3 x 6
6 Ace Race 3 x 6
7 Crisp Bros. 6 x 6
8 Yess 3 x 6
9 Pure Oceania 3 x 6
10 Planett 3 x 6
11 BMX Edge 3 x 6
12 20 Inch Racing Team 3 x 6
13 Tsquared 3 x 6
A The Frozen Drink Company 6m frontage
B Oxley Cycles 12m frontage
C Hinterland Toyota 6m frontage
D DRT Industries 6m frontage
E Bonfire Chiropractic 3m frontage
F Sunn BMX Bikes 3m frontage
G Faith 9m frontage
H Speed FX 12m frontage
I Besito Coffee 3 x 6
J Lucky Bling 3 x 6

For more information on the event be sure to check out our events page on Facebook – HERE

For any questions unanswered – don’t hesitate to email