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COVER PIC: Clare McNamara competing at the 2019 BMXA BAD BOY National Championships (Pic courtesy of Get Snapt).

Another weekend of winter racing was on the cards with some notable events including Atherton’s Awesome August Carnival, Caboolture’s Snake Pit Challenge and Jingili’s All Stars event.

But grabbing the Tales from the Berm’s attention for this week was the ninth round of the BMXNSW State Series at the Terrigal BMX Club, August 18.

There were over 600 entries recorded on a spectacular Sunday as riders from all around NSW, QLD and the ACT hit the Central Coast club for a day of riveting racing.

Riders representing Macarthur had a point to prove as 75 entries, the largest number on the day, were recorded giving themselves the biggest chance of claiming a spot on the podium.

Those who found themselves in the top three were:

  • Luke Morris: THIRD 9-boy’s
  • Isla Basa: FIRST 8-10 girl’s cruiser
  • Ariana Schirnack: THIRD 11-girl’s AND THIRD 11-12 girl’s cruiser
  • Mackenzie Hadley: SECOND 13-girl’s
  • Ireland Gerhard: THIRD 14-girl’s
  • Jayden Morris: THIRD 15-boy’s
  • Destiny Brien: THIRD 15-girl’s
  • Cara Wilde: SECOND 17-24 women’s
  • Amy Holohan: SECOND 35-39 women’s AND THIRD 35-39 women’s cruiser
  • Lesleigh Tasker: THIRD 35-39 women’s
  • Duncan Nicholson: SECOND 40-44 men’s AND FIRST 40-44 men’s cruiser
  • Justin Welch: SECOND 45-49 men’s AND FIRST 45-49 men’s cruiser

But using their home track to their advantage were the Terrigal riders, who found themselves on the podium 20 times out of the 49 competitive events.

They were: 

  • Scott Stringer: FIRST masters AND FIRST 45-49 men’s
  • Kai Field: FIRST 8-boy’s
  • Willow Pogmore: THIRD 8-girl’s
  • Darcey White: SECOND 9-boy’s
  • Mia Miotello: SECOND 9-girl’s
  • Cooper White: THIRD 12-boy’s
  • Noah Elton: FIRST 13-boy’s
  • Billy Smidt: THIRD 13-boy’s
  • Lucha Pace: FIRST 13-girl’s
  • Aimilee Stokes: SECOND 14-girl’s
  • Tahlia Pitstock: FIRST 13-14 girl’s cruiser
  • Rory McNamara: FIRST 16-boy’s
  • Claire Boyd: FIRST 15-16 girl’s cruiser
  • Robert Bagnall: SECOND 35-39 men’s AND THIRD 35-39 men’s cruiser
  • Sheridon Pogmore: SECOND 35-39 women’s cruiser
  • Tianne Pitsock: FIRST 45-49 women’s AND FIRST 45-49 women’s cruiser

Also flying the flag for Team Terrigal was Clare McNamara who claimed the top spot on the podium in the women’s superclass. Close to producing a perfect day, McNamara won all of her races except for the first moto where she finished second.

Rounding out the women’s superclass podium was Macarthur’s Jessica McCormack in second and Paige Harding from Castle Hill in third.

Check out the women’s final below!

The men’s superclass was just as exciting, as 19 riders clashed with the expectation of attaining that winning feeling. That feeling was claimed by visiting Queenslander Jayce Cunning who made a spectacular move on the second last berm to beat home Lake Macquarie’s Nathaniel Rodway and Sydney’s Alex Cameron.

Check out the men’s final below.

For a full list of results – CLICK HERE

All eyes now look to Stage 5 of the 2019 BMXA BAD BOY National Series at The Cove BMX Club in Adelaide this weekend.

Keep an eye on BMXA’s social media platforms as highlights, reports and stories from the weekend are covered for your delight.



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