Riders from across the country have begun the second stage of the national series in style – take a look at the results so far.

Two weeks have passed since the first stage of the 2019 BMXA BAD BOY National Series at the Sydney BMX Club and Westside BMX Club in WA put on a show of competitive BMX racing to rival their predecessor.

Nearly 320 challenge riders from around the country were greeted by brilliant sunshine and a pristine track as they progressed through some competitive motos.

A raft of riders from the host club grabbed a share of the spotlight, beginning their weekend by clean sweeping their respective classes.

Among those Westside competitors notching a clean sweep were:

  • Jake Poat: 9-boy’s
  • Sarah Brooker: 10-girl’s
  • Oliver Williams: 11-boy’s
  • Alyssa Howat: 11-girl’s
  • Matias Harris: 12-boy’s
  • Kindle Rapley: 12-girl’s
  • Jacob Goddard: 15-16 boy’s cruiser
  • Kishani Green: 25-29 women’s

Joining the home dirt heroes were a string of other WA riders who used their home state advantage to send a message to the visitors. Those riders were:

  • Tj Rkihana-Gray: 10-boy’s (Rockingham BMX Club)
  • Jay Lander: 13-boy’s (Byford BMX Club)
  • Abbey Richards: 14-girl’s (Southside BMX Club)
  • Jordan Callum: 15-boy’s (Rockingham BMX Club)
  • Jayden Keogh: 16-boy’s (Southside BMX Club)
  • Bianca Campbell: 17-24 women’s (Southside BMX Club)
  • Jeremy Adams: 25-29 men (Southside BMX Club)
  • Catherine Hopkins: 30-34 women’s (Hills BMX Club)
  • Brad Lane: 50+ men’s AND 50+ men’s cruiser (Hills BMX Club)

But the locals couldn’t keep the visiting riders completely quiet with some clean racing coming from the following East Coast competitors – AJ Donald in the 11-12 boy’s cruiser (Hawksbury Hornets BMX Club, NSW), Paige Harding in their 16-girl’s and Pine Rivers rider, Thomas Tucker who doubled down to win all his races in the 14-boy’s and the 13-14 boy’s cruiser (combined with the 15-16 boy’s cruiser).

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Rounding out the day were the superclass events, with some of Australia’s top tier riders competing in the third round of the national series. After finishing round two in Sydney in second, NSW rider Kai Sakakibara put on a masterclass to beat home Shepparton’s Hayden Fletcher and Queensland’s Joshua Boyton in third.

While in the women’s ledger, Australia’s Leanna Curtis and Des’Ree Barnes put up a tough fight, but it wasn’t enough to hold off Kiwi rider Rebecca Petch, who continues to shine when facing Australian riders.

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Helping to capture the day was the BMXA official photographer, Get Snapt. Below are some of her shots.

If you’re interested in requesting your own images, don’t hesitate to contact Get Snapt at

Racing recommences on Sunday with the challenge riders competing in their fourth moto,  while the elite riders commence the first round of the UCI series. By 11am, the gates will drop for all finals.

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