A special event is set to go down on the Wednesday of nationals – read on!

COVER PIC: Riders flying through the pro straight at the Frankston BMX Club, Victoria. (Pic courtesy of ProLab Projects)

There will be an exciting addition to the action packed 2019 BMX Australia BAD BOY National Championships with the inaugural Pro Spectacular event to feature on Wednesday May 22.

The 2018 nationals in Bunbury hosted the Oceania Championships but with this year’s continental title to be contested in New Zealand, there is a nice little spot on Wednesday after practice for a bit of a BMX spectacle… sounds perfect right?

Open to superclass riders and 30+ masters, the Pro Spectacular will run from 1pm at the Shepparton BMX Sports Complex, giving competitors the chance to get some racing under their tyres ahead of their national championship title run.

For superclass riders, this event will be perfect preparation for the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup. The Pro Spectacular will run in accordance to the world cup format on the track that will host the first round of the 2020 world series.

Depending on numbers (minimum of 17 riders), a world cup format will see competitors compete in:

Round 1 – Top 4 riders move through to the qualifiers

Last Chance – The remaining riders who did not finish in the top 4 will have a ‘last chance’ race in which the top 2 will go through.

Qualifiers – Only the top 4 will move on to the next round (e.g 1/8, quarter, semi)

Final – Winner takes the top spot on the podium.

If there are insufficient numbers for a world cup format, there shall be three motos and a final.

This event will also be run under UCI World Cup Rules 6.3.009, 6.3.010 through to 6.3.016. (excluding 6.3.011 does not apply for this event.) Seeding will be as per current 2019 superclass series results.

For the master classes, 3 motos, qualifiers and a final will take place with random seeding for the first moto gate selection, before the fastest lap time from the previous round seeding gate selection for the remaining races. ARA Rule 12.2.b.  i.e. Deadman finals for all classes.

A separate practice / race schedule for this event will be published closer to the event on the BMXA website.

Entry fees:

Men Superclass – $50 Class Fee

Women Superclass – $50 Class Fee

30+ Masters 20” Male – $50 Class Fee

30+ Masters Open Wheel Female – $50 Class Fee

There will be no manual entries in 2019.  Online entries incur a $1.70 service fee + credit card processing fees. BMX Australia will not be providing transponder hire in 2019.

Entries for the Pro Spectacular will open this Saturday at 6am AEDT alongside the national championships and the national series.


Superclass prize pool will be $2,000 + payback and the split will be based on true genuine equity however will not exceed a 75%/25% split between to the two classes.

30+ Masters 20” classes male & female will be a min of $500 each + payback and will only be paid 1st 50%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20%

For more information, please take the time to read the 2019 BMXA National Championships Technical Guide –CLICK HERE.