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COVER PIC: Mini-wheelers getting their taste of the action at Warrnambool BMX Club. (Pic courtesy of BMX Victoria Facebook page)

 The 2018 BMX Victoria State Championships

Capturing the spotlight for this week’s Tales from the Berm by BAD BOY are the 2018 BMX Victoria State Championships that were held at Warrnambool BMX Club.

More than 450 riders turned up to the track attempting to get their weekend fill of BMX action and there is no denying most came away satisfied.

Opening proceedings on Saturday were the cruiser, retro and participation classes who delivered exciting racing, the perfect way to start the event.

However, it wasn’t entirely a Victorian competition as riders from throughout Australia turned up to compete for a #1V plate.

Representing their state and getting their respective cruiser title was:


  • Cameron Gatt: 8 -10 boy’s cruiser (Geelong BMX Club)
  • Stephanie Alexander: 8-10 girl’s cruiser (Knox BMX Club)
  • Joshua Jolly: 11-12 boy’s cruiser (Knox BMX Club)
  • Liam Helms: 17-18 boy’s cruiser (Mildura BMX Club)
  • Coby Stagg: 15-16 women’s cruiser (Frankston BMX Club)
  • Adel Munro: 19-24 women’s cruiser (Ballarat-Sebastopol)
  • Robert Slatter: 35-39 men’s cruiser (Sunbury BMX Club)
  • Kitty Cristiano: 35-39 women’s cruiser (Frankston BMX Club)
  • Kamahl Lord: 40-44 men’s cruiser (Mildura BMX Club)
  • Emily Ritchie: 40-44 women’s cruiser Mildura BMX Club)
  • Glenn Suridge: 45-49 men’s cruiser (South Eastern BMX Club)
  • David Comport: 50+ men’s cruiser (Northern BMX Club)
  • Marcus Walker: Retro junior (8-13) (Bendigo BMX Club)
  • Luke Pretlove: Retro 30-39 (Warrnambool BMX Club)

South Australia

  • Joel Marsh: 13-14 boy’s cruiser (Happy Valley BMX Club)
  • Brayden Porter: 19-24 men’s cruiser (Cross Key’s BMX Club)
  • Rebecca Smith: 45-49 women’s cruiser (Tea Tree Gully BMX Club)

New South Wales

  • Sam Thompson: 15-16 boy’s cruiser AND Retro 14-29 (Sydney BMX Club)
  • Marine Brighton: 30-34 women’s cruiser (Clarence Valley BMX Club)


  • Courtney Oostendorp: 13-14 girl’s cruiser (Ashmore BMX Club)
  • Darren James: Retro 40+ (Beenleigh BMX Club)

Western Australia

  • Darryn Walker: 30-34 men’s cruiser (Southside BMX Club)

Joining the cruiser and retro riders were a total of 75 sprockets and mini-wheelers who got their share of state championship action and we can’t wait to see them competing in the future.

On Sunday, all focus was on the 20-inch classes who threw everything they had into the track to decide who would be crowned the 2018 Victorian State champion for their respective class.

Standing tall on the podium was:

  • Harry Rowlands: 8-boy’s (Castle Hill BMX Club, NSW)
  • Lilly Jones: 8-girl’s (Blue Lake BMX Club, SA)
  • Kayden Underhill: 9-boy’s (Castle Hill BMX Club, NSW)
  • Isla Basa: 9-girl’s (Macarthur BMX Club, NSW
  • Cameron Gatt: 10-boy’s (Geelong BMX Club, VIC)
  • Ava Lazaridis: 10-girl’s (Wyndham Warriors BMX Club, VIC)
  • Fletcher Klepiak: 11-boy’s (Border BMX Club, VIC)
  • Imogen Healy: 11-girl’s (Tea Tree Gully BMX Club, SA)
  • Joshua Jolly: 12-boy’s (Knox BMX Club, VIC)
  • Mia Webster: 12-girl’s (Park Orchards BMX Club, VIC)
  • Connor Fallon: 13-boy’s (Lilydale BMX Club, VIC)
  • Bella May: 13-girl’s (Casey BMX Club, VIC)
  • Joel Marsh: 14-boy’s (Happy Valley BMX Club, SA)
  • Julie Urben Di Giaimo: 14-girl’s (Lilydale BMX Club, VIC)
  • Ethan Zrna: 15-boy’s (Mildura BMX Club, VIC)
  • Marisa Peressoni: 15-girl’s (Tea Tree Gully BMX Club, SA)
  • Sam Thompson: 16-boy’s (Sydney BMX Club, NSW)
  • Alanna Jolly: 16-girl’s (Knox BMX Club, VIC)
  • Cody Walker: 17-boy’s (Southern Districts BMX Club, WA)
  • Bianca Campbell: 17-girl’s (Southside BMX Club, WA)
  • Brayden Porter: 19-24 men (Cross Keys BMX Club, SA)
  • Adel Munro: 19-24 women (Ballarat-Sebastopol BMX Club, VIC)
  • Jamie Mahuika: 25-29 men (Shepparton BMX Club, VIC)
  • Darryn Walker: 30-34 men (Southside BMX Club, WA)
  • Amanda Morgan: 30-34 women (Wyndham Warriors BMX Club, VIC)
  • Dane Anderson: 35-39 men (Geelong BMX Club, VIC)
  • Katie Dall’Oste: 35-39 women (Park Orchards BMX Club, VIC)
  • Simon Ayres: 40-44 men (Border BMX Club, VIC)
  • Marnie Williams: 40-44 women (Knox BMX Club, VIC)
  • Darren Jones: 45-49 men (Beenleigh BMX Club, QLD)
  • 45-49 women: Results not recorded
  • David Comport: 50+ men (Northern BMX Club, VIC)
  • 50+ women: Results not recorded
  • Jamie Truran: masterclass (Wyndham Warriors BMX Club, VIC)
  • Brandon Te Hiko: superclass men (Geelong BMX Club, VIC)
  • Vanessa Gooden: superclass women (Knox BMX Club, VIC)

Geelong’s Brandon Te Hiko has had a stellar 2018 season, and no one can deny it. Not only has he been crowned the 2018 elite men’s Australian champion, but he has also added the Queensland state title and Victorian title to his resume. Well done Brandon!

Congratulations to all competitors who raced in the event. For a full list of results see below

Saturday – CLICK HERE 


After looking at the results, enjoy the social media buzz around the event below.

After capping off a truly exciting competition, BMX Victoria dropped the location of their 2019 State Championships. See below.

2018 Hinterland BMX Club Open Day

Venturing to Queensland, the Suncoast Hinterland BMX Club held their open day on Saturday and over 160 riders hit the track and they did it… fast.

Sitting atop the podium were the home dirt favourites who used their local track advantage to win every race they competed in.

The Suncoast Hinterland clean sweepers were:

  • Guy Hocking: 8-boy’s
  • Mahalia Choveaux: 9-girl’s
  • Kyarnee Young: 10-girl’s
  • Kameli Jones: 12-girl’s
  • Nathaniel Flynn: 17-24 men’s cruiser
  • Jeffrey Williams: 50+ men’s cruiser

They weren’t the only riders to clean sweep the day. Check out the visiting riders who did it their way on the track and reaped the rewards.

  • Matilda Guy: 8-girl’s (Ashmore BMX Club)
  • Campbell Nowland: 9-boy’s (Ashmore BMX Club
  • Loki Blackman: 11-boy’s (Sunshine Coast BMX Club)
  • Charlotte Guy: 11-girl’s (Ashmore BMX Club)
  • Brodie Gooch: 12-boy’s (Pine Rivers BMX Club)
  • Tate Hawkins: 13-boy’s (Pine Rivers BMX Club)
  • Archie Bayley: 8-10 boy’s cruiser (Sunshine Coast BMX Club)
  • Tate Hawkins: 13-14 boy’s cruiser (Pine Rivers BMX Club)
  • Tom McClellan: 45-49 men’s cruiser (Centenary Plains BMX Club)

Adding to the spectacle were the men’s superclass with Centenary Plains rider Joshua Boyton beating home the 2018 Oceania Continental champion, Corey Frieswyk. The pair went bar for bar throughout the day and coming down to the final, where Boyton came away with the chocolates.

To see a full list of results – CLICK HERE

Burdekin Cup November

The final Tale from the Berm this week is the Burdekin BMX Club who held their November Cup.  Over 200 riders competed over the weekend on the FNQ track and took full advantage of the hot temperatures by providing heat of their own.

The following riders won every single race they competed in and came away with a resounding victory.

The clean sweepers were:

  • Deon McIntosh: 8-boy’s (Burdekin BMX Club)
  • Molly Williamson: 9-girl’s (Redlands BMX Club)
  • Lachlan Jeffs: 10-boy’s (Townsville BMX Club)
  • Hunter Boschen: 11-boy’s (Townsville BMX Club)
  • Elisha Nesbit: 12-girl’s (Cairns BMX Club)
  • Connor Lanigan: 15-boy’s (Sarina & District BMX Club)
  • Connor Parish: 11-12 boy’s cruiser (Walkerston BMX Club)
  • Nicholas West: 15-16 boy’s cruiser (Townsville BMX Club)
  • Damien Prince: 40+ men’s cruiser (Cairns BMX Club)
  • Celeste Barr: superclass women (Townsville BMX Club)
  • Liam Vitale: superclass men (Townsville BMX Club)

For a full list of results – CLICK HERE

A major highlight from the event was the 17+ women’s class, which had 16 BMX legends having a go and enjoying the competition against one another. Check out their photo below.

Check out other social media posts from the event below.

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