“People think BMX is just a boy’s sport – but it’s not – this program will help change that for sure!”

COVER PIC: Courtesy of Ballarat-Sebastopol CC BMX Club

It has been nearly two months since BMXA announced their new Move it with BMX program thanks to Sport Australia’s participation grant and the positive results are flying in.

For those members who aren’t sure what the program is, they are very similar to Ride In2BMX events, except that they are specifically targeted at women, girls and parents.

To help with the running of the program, $500 will be sent to the club to be used for coaching sessions, promotion such as advertising, refreshments or any other idea that your club has in mind.

The program consists of three coaching sessions where participants can experience the basics on the track, while also getting an introduction to that family feel all clubs emanate.

There are 11 clubs who have, are currently, or going to hold a Move it with BMX program and the great feedback is flooding in.

One in particular was the Ballarat-Sebastopol CC BMX Club in Victoria’s Central Highlands, who held theirs on October 19, 26 and 27, as well as an extra day on November 16.


Don’t forget to check out our mentoring clinics coming to Ballarat Sebastopol BMX club in October and November.

Here is what a couple of Ballarat girls had to say when WIN news came to the track today.

Posted by Ballarat Sebastopol BMX club on Wednesday, October 2, 2019


Ballarat’s club registrar, Danielle Pompe, was emphatic about the program and eagerly jumped on the chance to hold it.

“I spoke to BMXA early in the year about getting girls more involved in sport and I was quickly informed that there would be a great chance to do so!” Pompe explained.

“Girls tend to get to a certain age and go to parties, find boys and don’t want to try BMX anymore, so I really wanted to get more involved and try to mentor them. Obviously having a daughter who races helps and I also wanted more chicks on the gate alongside her.”

Ballarat opened its doors to not only new girls, but also current BMXA members who simply wanted more coaching and Pompe said it was a resounding success.

“We had 11 news girls do the course and before we had even finished the first day, we had some sign up,” Pompe continued.

“Joining them were eight riders from our club as well as clubs nearby and the whole experience was great.”

To help Ballarat hold their successful sessions, Pompe reached out to some of the best female coaches and riders not only in the state, but around Australia and the response was incredible.

National champion Jaclyn Wilson was joined by world no.1 Portia Eden, Batemans Bay’s Leah Hearne, as well as WA’s Victorian based Kirsten Dellar and Catherine Hopkins.

“It was amazing to have such a special group of women coaching together,” Pompe said.

“It was great having Jaclyn and Portia there as they talked about their journey as riders, as well as demonstrating their skills while under the supervision of the coaches.”

Pompe’s energy surrounding participation numbers is well understood within the community and it’s something the BMX mum wants to change.

“I was lying in bed just before the nationals in Shepparton and I thought to myself, there were 22 girls’ in my daughters’ class, while my son had about 83. I knew that we needed to fix it,” Pompe said.

The age demographic during the program varied, with the youngest participant being only 5-years of age, while the oldest was around 45. But they all started together at the top of the start hill and for some, the biggest challenge was going down the hill.

“I think my favourite moment was when one of our youngest girls wouldn’t start from the top of the hill. By the end of the first day, she smashed it and she was so excited. It was a proud mum moment… even though she isn’t one of mine!”

 Are you a club interested in holding a Move it with BMX program?

All your need to know information to get you started can be found – HERE!

If you need any more encouragement, here’s a direct message Pompe.

“You’ve got to do it!” Pompe exclaimed.

“It’s so worth it to give girls a go. People think BMX is just a boy’s sport, but it’s not, this program will help change that for sure and the team at BMXA are really great. No question is a stupid question and I know it sounds corny, but we are a family and we work so well as a team.”

“We even got nominated for an award, but we didn’t win, bloody soccer mums!”