With COVID-19 cases in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland rising, it’s important that everyone in the BMX community continue to be safe.

It’s been fantastic to see lots of clubs heading back to the track and getting back into BMX in a safe manner. However, COVID-19 is again spreading in several areas across the country and as such we need to remain alert.

It’s pivotal that if you or your family display any symptoms or you have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 that you immediately get tested and follow all health protocols.

Individuals, clubs and sports that overstep the mark will jeopardise our ongoing return and ability to continue riding our bikes.

At the track, remember to follow the below at all times.

Please continue to follow advice from your state and territory, all the latest advice can be found on the BMXA COVID-19 Hub HERE.

Further to this, BMXA is supporting the government by encouraging our community to download the COVIDSafe App as it can help health officials to quickly alert people who may be at risk of having had contact with the virus.