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COVER PIC: Corey Taylor competing at the 2019 UCI BMX World Championships in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium (pic courtesy of Craig Dutton).

The ninth round of the BMXWA Reliance Partners Insurance Brokers Super Series at Woorree Park had many high-flyers, but none more so than home dirt hero Corey Taylor, who claimed the line honours in the men’s superclass against a highly competitive field.

The 17-year old who represented Australia in the junior elite men’s category at the 2019 UCI BMX World Championships in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium lined up on the gate alongside the rest of the top male riders from WA, as the penultimate stage of the state series took place on Sunday, September 29.

On the gate, and among the favourites to claim the top spot, was the 2018 elite men’s national series champion Bradley Game, the 2019 Sam Willoughby medallist Jordan Callum, and the 16-boy’s rising star Jayden Keogh to name a few.

Yet it was Taylor who starred in the final, using his home dirt knowledge to finish ahead of Wanneroo’s Game in second and Alex Edwardes in third.

Joining the men’s superclass contingent were their female counterparts, as Westside’s Lilyanne Croft beat home the Hills’ duo of Felicity Mann (second) and Catherine Hopkins (third).

While the superclass is known as the ‘elite’ category of most events throughout Australia, they weren’t the only ones to compete during the state series round.

Nearly 400 entries were recorded as riders of all ages and abilities got their weekend dose of racing. Among the riders were the representatives from the host club, who set spurs to their whips and came away with the win, and in the process adding valuable last-minute points to their state series tally.

Alongside Taylor, the winning Woorree Park riders were Jana Van Staden in the 14+ women’s, and Michael Gallie in the 30+ cruiser.

 The other top spots went to the following.

  • Harrison Regan: 8-boy’s (Southside BMX Club)
  • Ellyse Harvey: 8-girl’s (Southern Districts BMX Club)
  • Jake Poat: 9-boy’s expert (Westside BMX Club)
  • Zac McDonald: 9-boy’s novice (Byford BMX Club)
  • Peyton Preedy: 9-girl’s (Southside BMX Club)
  • Tj Tikihana-Gray: 10-boy’s expert AND 8-10 voucher (Rockingham BMX Club)
  • Riley Botha: 10-boy’s novice (Byford BMX Club)
  • Mena Banks: 10-girl’s (Southside BMX Club)
  • Declan McGhee: 11-boy’s expert AND 12 & under boy’s cruiser (Rockingham BMX Club)
  • Jamie Matthewman: 11-boy’s novice (Karratha BMX Club)
  • Stella Chandler: 11-girl’s (Cockburn BMX Club)
  • Ewan Miller: 12-boy’s expert (Wanneroo BMX Club)
  • Brody Barwick: 12-boy’s novice (Byford BMX Club)
  • Maddison Aldersea: 12-girl’s (Westside BMX Club)
  • Joshua Tickell: 13-boy’s (Bunbury BMX Club)
  • Ashlyn Keremelevich: 13-girl’s (Karratha BMX Club)
  • George Boeg: 13-14 boy’s cruiser (Eastern Goldfields BMX Club)
  • Jaymee Johns: 13-15 voucher (Hills BMX Club)
  • Jett Smith: 14-boy’s (Southside BMX Club)
  • Jacob Goddard: 15-boy’s (Westside BMX Club)
  • Austin Forrester: 15-29 men’s cruiser (Bunbury BMX Club)
  • Cody Walker: 17-29 men’s (Southern Districts BMX Club)
  • Paul Adam: 30+ men’s (Hills BMX Club)
  • Jeffrey Bell: 30+ men’s masters (Byford BMX Club)
  • Paul Schroj: 40+ men’s (Southside BMX Club)
  • Ian Clark: 40+ cruiser (Westside BMX Club)

For a full list of results – CLICK HERE

Before taking a look at the other events to go down across Australia over the weekend, the final two rounds of the 2019 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup occurred in Santiago Del Estero, Argentina and the Australian contingent there did the BMXA community proud.

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While the WA state series prepares for its last bout at the Byford BMX Club on November 3 – the seventh and final stage of the 2019 BMXA BAD BOY National Series at the Canberra BMX Club is rapidly drawing closer.

Entries close next Monday (October 7) – ENTER NOW!

FRIDAY, September 27

  • Spring Racing Rd4, Frankston BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Rd20, East Pilbara BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Race 4 A Place Rd3, Satellite City BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • 2019 Mini World Rd5, Happy Valley BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Rd8, Karratha BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Club Racing, Red Centre BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Coffs Coast BMX Series 2 Rd8, Coffs Coast BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Series 2 Rd5, Penrith BMX Club – CLICK HERE

SATURDAY, September 28

  • Series 2 Rd6, Terrigal BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Rd10, Maitland Tenambit BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Fun Day, Canberra BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • 2019 Aus Country Championships, Blue Lake BMX Club – CLICK HERE

SUNDAY, September 29

BMXWA Reliance Partners Insurance Brokers Super Series Rd9, Woorree Park BMX Club – CLICK HERE

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