Training days, club days and gate nights at your local track are set to change with racing against the clock for a place on the Sqorz Leaderboard about to become reality.

The Sqorz Leaderboard, is an online timing platform that uses a rider’s hill and finish times on an individual track during non-racing sessions to publish data to a virtual leaderboard.

Riders can visit their home track or a track nearby and take on the lap times of friends and rivals, pushing themselves to get the best time in their age group or even the whole club!

The platform, which can be seen on Our Sqorz, will help riders and coaches create data driven training sessions to better understand individual performance, bike set up and add an often-needed competitive boost to non-racing sessions.

There is a plethora of options in terms of development as coaches and riders can go all out for a lap time and place on top of the Sqorz Leaderboard or concentrate on a specific part of the lap, obtaining real time accurate feedback.

BMXA National Coaching Manager Luke Madill said the Sqorz Leaderboard could provide valuable data driven information to improve any rider’s performance.

“Monitoring gearing changes and technical skills down that first straight, while then combining them with your timing results, can pinpoint areas which need to be developed further. It will also help in showing where you have gained speed in either your skill or acceleration,” Madill said.

“It will also help coaches analyse and collect data on the Club riders to help promote development strategies within the Club.”

The Leaderboard operates on the Sqorz system already being used at many clubs and the same timing equipment that is used for racing. Training times are added to the Sqorz database automatically and can be accessed straight away on a mobile phone at My Sqorz.

BMX Australia has partnered with Eventsoft Pty. Ltd. to provide any BMXA member free access to Sqorz Training for two months as a Member Benefit. Members just need to make sure their transponder is activated and BMXA has their transponder details in the member database. Clubs need to make sure they have working timing loops and an active Sqorz account.

Please note this benefit is not available to Sprockets.


  1. Ensure you have an active transponder and BMX Australia has your correct details in the member database
  2. Ride a lap at any track in Australia that has a timing system and Sqorz software
  3. Check your times on a mobile phone at My Sqorz
  4. Confirm your place on the Sqorz Leaderboard at Our Sqorz
  5. Do it all again and improve your time and place on the Sqorz Leaderboard!

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