Join us as we sit down with BMXA’s technical committee and get to the bottom of a contentious finals finish at Satellite City BMX Club.

Many BMXA family members have been questioning the result of a final during the fourth stage of the 2019 BMXA BAD BOY National Series where two riders, competing in the 17-24 men’s cruiser (merged) event, went bar for bar into the last straight at Sat City, and the result had to be decided by the video operating team.

 Watch the final for yourself!

The video on Facebook sparked great interest from enthusiastic followers, especially after they looked at the timing results on EZeventing.

The results showed that Cross Keys’ Brayden Porter (in the red helmet) had beaten home Kane Gibbons from Nerang by over 1.5 seconds, which was obviously incorrect.

The reason 1.5 seconds was reported?

Transponders are very important in determining the result of a race – but unfortunately, when they are away from the receiver (which is located under the finish line) they can give off an incorrect time.

This exact thing happened during this particular final as the Cross Keys rider manualed his way across the finish line, lifting his front wheel and in doing so moving his transponder away from the receiver.

The scoring team noticed this error straight away and followed their professional process by following it up with the video operating team, who manages the finish line camera.

The team confirmed that the finish line camera showed Porter to be the winning rider, even though he had lifted his front wheel.

While some followers find this call to still be incorrect, there is a process for launching an appeal that some members may not fully understand.

If there is an issue which relates to finishing positions and procedural matters, the rider (AND ONLY THE RIDER) has 15 minutes to seek out a Team Manager and lodge their protest in writing.

It is important to note that judgement decisions; like deliberate interference, cutting a track boundary and gaining an advantage, are NOT permitted to be protested.

For more information on this, please head to the BMX Australia Rulebook and read rules no. 72 and 73 – HERE

If you have any questions regarding rules, or are simply interested in talking to our technical team.

Please email and your inquiry will be passed onto the relevant individuals.