Wayne and Joshua Jolly have had a pretty special year and the 2018 BMXA BAD BOY National Series has played a big part in it.

The 2018 national series had a new look, a new feel and visited seven states and territories – more than any series before it… ever.

Over 3,000 entries were recorded, resulting in dozens of champions and countless stories being created.

One of those stories, is the Jolly father/son duo. Wayne and Joshua Jolly have made the most of their 2018 season, venturing to all but one of the 7-round series throughout the country.

The Victorian riders, from Knox BMX Club, have loved every minute of their season and their results have played a major role in that.

Joshua finished atop the 12 boy’s and the 11-12 boy’s cruiser standings, crowned as the national series champion for his respective classes.

Following in his son’s footsteps was Wayne, who also came away on top of his competition in the 50+ men’s cruiser class, success he loved sharing with Joshua.

“We have loved travelling to all the different tracks, the competition was good and for the both of us to finish on top is pretty special,” Wayne said.

“Tuggeranong, I think was a great event. We had the most fun and it was actually the turning point for Josh. He hadn’t been leading the 20-inch all year and he had to really win the event and also win in Tassie to win the series, it really came down to the wire.”

Everything about the national series appealed to the Jolly pair. From the travel, to seeing friends. It was a box ticker.

“Everything about it was really good,” continued Wayne.

“Travelling to different states to race was great. We stayed with our friends there and we also got to do some sightseeing. Especially in Tassie, it was really cool.”

Their success in 2018 has kickstarted their eagerness for 2019. Once again, the BMXA BAD BOY National Series will travel around the country providing top tier racing events for their dedicated members.

With the new additions to the technical guide, the Jolly family have already planned to compete at five of the seven stages and are relishing at the opportunity to defend their titles.

“I have chosen five rounds for us to go to and are looking forward to the road trips. We are especially looking forward to Sydney in February, so we can accept our presentation plates from this year,” Wayne said.

Entries for the 2019 BMX Australia BAD BOY National Championships and the BAD BOY National Series are opening tomorrow morning at 6am AEDT.

For more information about the events + links to enter – CLICK HERE.

And of course there is no way Wayne and Josh would miss the nationals up the road in Shepparton.

“We are especially looking forward to Shepparton, as it is only three hours away,” Wayne said.

“Winning the national series this year with my son has been amazing. Being able to win alongside your son is something that not many other sports can give you.

“Doing it together is the only thing that keeps me going in the sport, we love it.”

Check out their races from Tuggeranong below and get ready for more BMX action coming your way!