The start of the National Series is on our doorstep so here’s what to expect from the track.

Penrith BMX Club will host 606 BMX riders from all over Australia as they descend upon the track in Western Sydney. Each and every one of our dedicated competitors will be determined to do their best and get the most out of the track.

Knowing the track and being confident through the rhythm section will be the key to nailing it this weekend. We chatted with rider, coach and former Aussie champ Alex Cameron to talk about how best to go about the track at Penrith this weekend.

Beginning with the start hill which is just a couple weeks old, let’s get into the lap

Alex says, “there’s a new barrel gate which is a lot better than their old set up and it’s a bit more generic. The new 5 metre hill should be approached just like every other hill, attack it flat out and be super aggressive to get to the first berm in first place.”

Aggression on the first straight is key to set you up nicely for the remainder of the race.

Alex says,the first straight is pretty open and wide with some big jumps which is good. It is a fairly short straight so be super aggressive and get out in front early.

The first corner is all about holding your own but it’s different for those taking the pro straight and the amateur.

Alex says,for the elite guys, it’s fairly easy and built more for the pro straight.  But it’s very different for the amateur route as you need to get back round for the second straight, which means there is a lot of passing.

The Penrith pro section is one of the tougher ones out there and throws in a few variables.

Alex says, It’s pretty gnarly because none of the jumps are the same, it’s pretty fun to hit it because it’s challenging with a lot of lips. The amateur straight is super technical which means that you’ve got to get it right otherwise you’ll lose your position.”

It’s always exciting to have bits of the track become nice and tight to really push the riders and the second berm does just that, but it’s a different kettle of fish for the amateurs.

Alex says, “for the pro’s the second berm it’s a little tighter and means that you need hang right on the inside. But it opens out and means there is plenty of room for the exit. It’s super wide going in for the amateur guys which means that lots of passing can occur, there’s also plenty of room when exiting so you can attack the third straight.”

Finding your rhythm and getting everything flowing will make the third straight a dream.

Alex says, the long technical straight means that everything needs to be on point. Riders who tend to look down will tend to struggle on this straight so it’s key to keep your eyes up and looking forward. “

The final turn is always an exciting section, it’s all about how you exit the final turn which can determine the outcome of your race.

Alex says, “the final turn is pretty tight coming in on the inside, there’s plenty of exit though and it shoots you up into a great position. It’s a good exit to get some high lows for those guys stuck on the outside so take full advantage of it.”

Feel the burn! It’s time to find those final dregs of energy to finish strong.

Alex says, the last straight is pretty cruisy with a few rollers, it does catch you out a bit if you’re a little tired so be careful!”

For all those eager and ready to go for the weekend, why not get some early practice in and head to Penrith tonight.

Penrith BMX Club has released their track practice and the schedule is as follows:

6pm – 7pm:  gates

7pm – 8:30pm: moto’s with timing

8:30pm – 9:15pm: gates with Timing

All for just $6.00

For all updates and important information, be sure to keep tuned in on our social platforms and to use our hashtag #BMXANS for all your great pics over the course of the weekend.

See you there!