More sensational stories from the country’s biggest BMX series

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The 2019 BMXA BAD BOY National Series has been a splendid showcase of the country’s talent. Alongside delivering impressive performances, the 7-stage story has also been an opportunity for families to travel together and compete.

While there have been many notable achievements, this week we dissect the sisters of the series and their successes.

Leading the charge were the Botfield sisters from Pine Rivers. Tenniele, Kiana and Vada have been one of the most committed families this year and their recognition is well deserved.

We start with Kiana, who competed at every single stage of the series and came away with two national series titles. The first being the UCI recognised junior elite category, after she delivered a clean performance at Satellite City in the third and final round.

Her second was the superclass, where Kiana finished with a total of 1108 with her most notable performance being at the Apple Isle’s Southern City, where she scored a perfect 200

Kiana’s younger sister Vada also made her way to the top of the podium in the 11-girl’s and is an exciting prospect.

Vada was on the national series gate at four stages and recorded two clean sweeping (200 points) performances, while also scoring 190 and 181 to be the undisputed 11-girl’s national series champion.

Joining Kiana and Vada was their older sister Tenielle, who competed in the 17-24 women’s class and finished second overall, while also making an appearance in the superclass in Tasmania for stage 6.

The eldest Botfield competed at stage 1 in Sydney, stage 3 in Ipswich and stage 5 at The Cove and came away with 579 points.

While the Botfield’s could be the known as sisters of the national series, they weren’t the only siblings to record success.

Representing Penrith were the Fleming sisters Danielle (13-girl’s) and Nicola (15-girl’s), who competed at every stage of the series and in doing so, both dominated to claim a national series title.

Danielle had two powerhouse performances scoring 200 at Sat City and Southern City.

It was an almost identical story for her older sister Nicola who scored 200 in the NT, Tasmania and also Canberra. Her most competitive final was stage 1 in Sydney with Tea Tree Gully’s Jaimee Banning bearing down on her.

Nicola also tested her talents in the superclass category in Canberra and will be eager to make her way into a final in 2020.

The final sister story of the national series were Macarthur’s Basas.

Isla and her younger sister Alicia competed at five of the series stages and well and truly made their mark on the national spotlight.

Isla picked up not only the 10-girl’s 20inch national series title, but also the 8-10 girl’s cruiser and is another very exciting talent arising from NSW.

Alicia narrowly missed out on picking up her own national series title finishing third on the 9-girl’s standings.

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