One of the biggest events on the Victorian BMX calendar went down over the weekend and the Tales from the Berm by BAD BOY has covered all the angles.

COVER PIC: Courtesy of Knox BMX Club Facebook page

There was an abundance of BMX action across the weekend as riders raced, flipped and were simply a part of the events in Australia and beyond, capping off a truly magnificent few days.

We would firstly like to congratulate Australia’s freestylers, who competed in the 2019 UCI Freestyle BMX Urban Cycling World Championships in Chengdu, China. Of the Aussie contingent, Brandon Loupos celebrated hardest as he donned the rainbow jersey as the new world champion.

Joining him on the podium was countryman Logan Martin in second, while the rest of the Aussie team flew the flag with pride. Read more HERE!

While that was going down, there were over 30 events that were being held on Aussie soil. Among them was the Twilight Carnival in Cairns, the seventh round of the BMXSA state series, and Sydney’s 2019 Sponsor Cup.

But this week’s Tales from the Berm spotlight lands on the annual Knox Thunderdome with over 400 entries were recorded, as riders representing WA’s Southside to Queensland’s Redlands, Nerang and Ipswich journeyed to Knoxfield in Melbourne’s East to take on the army of Victorians.

A packed-out track had some impressive performances, with many of the riders coming away with a dominating display of racing.

Clean sweeping their respective category was:

  • Fergus Wiggins: 9-boy’s (Frankston BMX Club)
  • Seth Cottrell: 8-9 novice (Northern BMX Club)
  • Julijana Vrapcenjak: 10-girl’s (Frankston BMX Club)
  • Reegan Schafter: 8-10 boy’s cruiser (Knox BMX Club)
  • Thomas Foot: 11-boy’s (Frankston BMX Club)
  • Jacob McWilliams: 10-11 novice (Casey BMX Club)
  • Emilee McGregor: 13-girl’s (Knox BMX Club)
  • Connor Fallon: 14-boy’s (Lilydale BMX Club)
  • Samuel Todd: 8-14 retro (Sunbury BMX Club)
  • Austin McNair: 15-boy’s (Shepparton BMX Club)
  • Troy Roberts: 30-34 men’s (Warrnambool BMX Club)
  • Marnie Williams: 40-44 women’s AND 40-44 women’s cruiser (Frankston BMX Club)


The home dirt heroes had a very successful weekend, with over 100 entries from the Knox Crocs making their mark on the event. Joining McGregor and Schafter on the podium were:

  • Jacqueline Waters: 9-girl’s FIRST
  • Stephanie Alexander: 11-girl’s FIRST
  • Sebastian Fraser: 12-boy’s FIRST AND 11-12 boy’s cruiser FIRST
  • Stephanie Fraser: 14-girl’s FIRST
  • Heidi Gill: 10-girl’s SECOND
  • Aiden Hall: 11-boy’s SECOND
  • Mily Gray: 11 girl’s SECOND
  • Jaiden Fraser: 12-13 novice SECOND
  • Jake Bonham: 15-boy’s SECOND
  • Jack O’Connor: 17-24 men’s SECOND
  • John Mafrici: 50+ men’s SECOND AND 50+ men’s cruiser FIRST
  • Lachie Schafter: 8-boy’s THIRD
  • Lacy Gray: 9-girl’s THIRD
  • Jack Harders: 10-boy’s THIRD
  • Bree Dows: 10-girl’s THIRD
  • Harvey Brooks: 12-boy’s THIRD
  • Corey Millar: 15-boy’s THIRD

Wrapping up this week’s race report is the superclass as some of Victoria’s fastest riders banged bars with visiting shredders.

Picking up the women’s podium was Knox’s Zoe Johnston, who has continued her successful year by beating home The Cove’s Annaliese Rokov and Lilydale’s Julie Urben Di Giaimo.

Knox will be happy with their event as Johnston picked up the women’s race, while their male star Josh McLean found the top spot on the men’s. The men’s final had a stacked gate of talent, as McLean beat home Rio Olympian Bodi Turner and Park Orchards’ Max Cairns.

While also taking part in their standard motos and finals category, the top tier riders also competed in a time trial showdown that included an 8-rider shootout final, with each rider attempting their fastest lap in order to qualify in the top 8 and give themselves another chance at another podium.

It was McLean who recorded the fastest lap time of 28.770 seconds, while Turner finished second at 29.626 and Cairns third with 29.727. Following the time trial qualifiers, the top 8 battled it out in the shootout final and the podium held true with the same three standing on top.

On the women’s, it was Urben Di Giaimo who picked up the fastest lap at 34.910 seconds, with Johnston second at 35.585 and Rokov third at 36.673. But the podium in the TT was flipped for the shootout final with Rokov finishing first, Johnston still at second and Urben Di Giaimo in third.

McLean, was surprised by his performances over the weekend and he is looking forward to the coming months with some major events in Australia next year.

New Starthill – new lap record !
Congratulations to Josh and Annaliese on winning King and Queen of Thunderdome with the fastest laps during Motos .

Posted by Knox Bmx on Saturday, November 9, 2019


“It was a pretty good weekend,” McLean said.

“I was a little surprised to take both podiums as I am never the best at being consistent.

“I guess the world cup rounds this year and working on the mental side of racing has really helped me. But I have also trained a lot here at this track and I think I had a little home track advantage.

“The next couple of weeks will have me head back to the Gold Coast, go to Bathurst for the world cup camp, and then come back to Victoria for the state titles. I can’t wait.”

For a full list of results – CLICK HERE

Below are the top three from each class alongside some of the social media that the host club put on their platforms.

Men’s superclass
1st Joshua McLean (Knox BMX Club)
2nd Bodi Turner (Eastfield BMX Club)
3rd Max Cairns (Park Orchards BMX Club)

 Men’s superclass time trial final
1st Josh McLean (Knox BMX Club)
2nd Bodi Turner (Eastfield BMX Club)
3rd Max Cairns (Park Orchards BMX Club)

Women’s superclass
1st Zoe Johnston (Knox BMX Club)
2nd Annaliese Rokov  (The Cove BMX Club)
3rd Julie Urben Di Giaimo (Lilydale BMX Club)

Women’s superclass time trial final
1st Annaliese Rokov (The Cove)
2nd Zoe Johnston (Knox BMX Club)
3rd Julie Urben Di Giaimo Lilydale BMX Club)

Masterclass 35+ Open Wheel
1st Robert Slatter (Sunbury BMX Club)
2nd Shaun Brighton (Geelong BMX Club)
3rd Lee Ellis (Frankston BMX Club)

1st Campbell Hoctor (Casey BMX Club)
2nd Maya Ellis (Frankston BMX Club)
3rd Lachie Schafter (Knox BMX Club)

1st Tyra Cobain (Geelong BMX Club)
2nd Summer Thomas (Frankston BMX Club)
3rd Stevie Halloran (Geelong BMX Club)

1st Fergus Wiggins (Frankston BMX Club) CS
2nd Ashton Smith (Frankston BMX Club)
3rd Nayte Paydon (Frankston BMX Club)

1st Jacqueline Waters (Knox BMX Club)
2nd Gracie Piergrosse (Portland BMX Club)
3rd Lacey Gray (Knox BMX Club)

8-9 novice
1st Seth Cottrell (Northern BMX Club) CS
2nd Jordan McDougall (Wynard Park BMX Club)
3rd Hudson Sinclair (Frankston BMX Club)

1st Jett Brunton (Geelong BMX Club)
2nd Tyler Habel (Park Orchards BMX Club)
3rd Jack Harders (Knox BMX Club)

1st Julijana Vrapcenjak (Frankston BMX Club) CS
2nd Heidi Gill (Knox BMX Club)\
3rd Bree Dows (Knox BMX Club)

8-10 boy’s cruiser
1st Reegan Schafter (Knox BMX Club) CS\
2nd Tyla Hall (Sunbury BMX Club)
3rd Jett Brunton (Geelong BMX Club)

1st Thomas Foot (Frankston BMX Club) CS
2nd Aiden Hall (Knox BMX Club)
3rd Jabe Brown (Shepparton BMX Club)

1st Stephanie Alexander (Knox BMX Club)
2nd Milly Gray (Knox BMX Club)
3rd Ava Sproat (Lilydale BMX Club)

10-11 novice
1st Jacob McWilliams (Casey BMX Club) CS
2nd Zane Hall (Northern BMX Club)
3rd Jenson Brown (Sunbury BMX Club)

1st Sebastian Fraser (Knox BMX Club)
2nd Dane Chadwick (Park Orchards BMX Club)
3rd Harvey Brooks (Knox BMX Club)

1st Sienna Ham (Northern BMX Club)
2nd Brodie Mitchell (Geelong BMX Club)
3rd Scarlett Perry (Lilydale BMX Club)

11-12 boy’s cruiser
1st Sebastian Fraser (Knox BMX Club)

1st Cameron Gatt (Geelong BMX Club)
2nd Benjamin Hendriks (Eastfield BMX Club)
3rd Jai Copland (Geelong BMX Club)

1st Emilee McGregor (Knox BMX Club) CS
2nd Sienna Richmond (Balarat Sebastopol CC BMX Club)
3rd Ava Fenton (Bendigo BMX Club)

12-13 novice
1st Tyler Taylor (Wynyard Park BMX Club)
2nd Jaiden Fraser (Knox BMX Club)
3rd Tyson Skinner (Northern BMX Club)

1st Connor Fallon (Lilydale BMX Club) CS
2nd Marcus Walker (Bendigo BMX Club)
3rd Joshua Swiatek (Northern BMX Club)

1st Stephanie Fraser (Knox BMX Club)

13-14 boy’s cruiser
1st Harrison Sproat (Lilydale BMX Club)
2nd Jai Copland (Geelong BMX Club)
3rd Lachlan Hines (Northern BMX Club)

8-14 retro
1st Samuel Todd (Sunbury BMX Club) CS
2nd Lincoln Bettany (Sunbury BMX Club)
3rd Tander Brown (Sunbury BMX Club)

1st Austin McNair (Shepparton BMX Club) CS
2nd Jake Bonham (Knox BMX Club)
3rd Corey Millar (Knox BMX Club)

1st Chloe Osborne (Bendigo BMX Club)

1st Brady Poel (Casey BMX Club)

1st Johanna Jephcott (Ballarat Sebastopol CC BMX Club)
2nd Amber Rossborough (Frankston BMX Club)

15-16 boy’s cruiser
1st Luca Weber (Sunbury BMX Club)
2nd Lachlan Dammann (Frankston BMX Club)

17-24 men’s
1st Diesel Connor (Geelong BMX Club)
2nd Jack O’Connor (Knox BMX Club)
3rd Samuel Paxton (Park Orchards BMX Club)

17-24 women’s
1st Shallan Pompe (Ballarat Sebastopol CC BMX Club)

30-34 men’s
1st Troy Roberts (Warrnambool BMX Club) CS
2nd Adam Aherne (Bendigo BMX Club)
3rd Ryan Whitling (Lilydale BMX Club)

30-34 women’s
1st Katie Dall’Oste (Park Orchards BMX Club)

30-34 men’s cruiser
1st Sean Halloran (Geelong BMX Club)
2nd Anthony Newlands (Frankston BMX Club)

30-34 women’s cruiser
1st Katie Dall’Oste (Park Orchards BMX Club)

40-44 men’s
1st Craig Graham (Northern BMX Club)
2nd Craig Walczuk (Geelong BMX Club)
3rd Grant Hines (Northern BMX Club)

40-44 women’s
1st Marnie Williams (Frankston BMX Club) CS
2nd Tania Mundie (Frankston BMX Club)

40-44 men’s cruiser
1st Scott Timson (South Eastern BMX Club)
2nd Damien Walczuk (South Eastern BMX Club)

40-44 women’s cruiser
1st Marnie Williams (Frankston BMX Club) CS
2nd Amie Main (Sunbury BMX Club)

50+ men’s
1st Greg Kelly (Park Orchards BMX Club)
2nd John Mafrici (Knox BMX Club)
3rd Harry Ansell (Sunbury BMX Club)

50+ women’s
1st Tamara Davis (Sunbury BMX Club)

50+ men’s cruiser
1st John Mafrici (Knox BMX Club)
2nd Paul Knox (Bicycle Supercross Inc)
3rd Robert Vanderleest (Northern BMX Club)


FRIDAY November 8

SATURDAY November 9

  • Twilight Carnival, Cairns BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Rd4 Series 3, Terrigal BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Clubby Series 3 Rd4, Macarthur BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Series 2 Rd12, Lake Macquarie BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Series 2 Rd8, Castle Hill BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • 2019 Pre-State Series, Gawler BMX Club – CLICK HERE

SUNDAY November 10

  • Triple C Challenge Grafton, Coffs Coast BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • SR Clubby Series 2 Rd9, San Remo BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Rockingham Sunday, Rockingham BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Series 2 Clubby 7, Hawkesbury Hornets BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Club Racing with Divisions, Southern City BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Club Championships Rd3, Harbour City BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Club Championships Rd1, Harbour City BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • BMXSA State Series Rd7, BMXSA – CLICK HERE
  • 2019 Sponsors Cup, Sydney BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • 2019 Knox Thunderdome, BMX Victoria – CLICK HERE

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