Breaking down the techniques to help you become faster around the track. 

AUTHOR: Luke Madill

Many riders suffer from a lack of track speed when it comes to racing and also lack confidence when trying to apply skills in a race.

I have noticed that some riders have great skills when it comes to hitting up their favourite straight or jump, yet in racing they do not have that same skill set and confidence.

Riders can improve their track speed and skill level at the same time by adding in specific track speed sessions to their program.

When heading to the track, most riders don’t have a plan of what they are trying to develop from the session other than a great social media edit.

We still all need to have those fun relaxed days at the track, but to see improvement when it comes to track speed in racing, you need to work on it.

Trying to work on track speed by completing full laps of a track in training is not only hard work, but these full laps will burn you out extremely fast.

This will then limit what you are gaining from the session. Instead, try breaking the track in half by linking up 2 straights together. This will not only keep the efforts shorter and stop you from fatiguing so fast, but also helps when incorporating your skills into these efforts.

Below I have added some training ideas you can take to the track in helping increase your track speed and skill level from the one session.

Set 1

Linking up the last half of the track 4 times. (this is usually the last 2 straights on most tracks)

All 4 efforts in this first set need to apply different skill and race lines i.e change your skills and cornering lines each effort.

Set 2

Linking up the first half of the track 4 times. (include the gate if possible)

As above, all 4 efforts need to apply different skill and race lines through the straights and corners.

You can measure your progression by recording your consistency when it comes to applying the skills and trying to add in new skills to push your limits.

For even greater results, these efforts can be done in groups to add that race feel and increase the pressure when executing your skills.

You only get out of training what you put in, so add these in to your training plan and watch your track speed, skills and confidence grow.