Before COVID-19 Blue Lake BMX Club’s chairman Stephen Jones spent Tuesdays coaching more than 50 young riders alongside many volunteer coaches. Now with tracks closed, Jones has had to think outside the box. 

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Jones first got into BMX at the age of eight at Blue Lake and raced until his mid-twenties. After a couple years off, his kids came along and took a keen interest in the sport, which led Jones to get his coaching accreditations to help not only his kids, but also the whole club.

Since then he has been coaching every year, eventually becoming chairman of his home club.

“It’s a busy job but I’m not one to sit back! I love to help out instead and do as much as you can!” Jones said.

Jones has been wanting for some time to create a series of tips and tricks to do at home and the current climate provided the perfect time to trial it.

“I thought about creating a coaching platform for a while and due to the current circumstances, an online, easily accessible one was the best option,” Jones said. 

“We had a such a positive start to the year with lots of new members through Ride In2BMX, we couldn’t let these new riders hard work go to waste.

“So, we made 20 short videos focusing on fundamental skills such as cornering, zig zag, bunny hopping and balancing.”

The feedback from parents and young BMX riders has been fantastic with lots of parents incorporating it as a PE lesson for their kids during forced home schooling.

“The main goal of the videos is to give the riders a push in the right direction, so they get a basic understanding of self-training. Starting is the hardest part so that’s where we hope the videos help.” Jones stated.

Jones said the key goal of the “Super Coaching Training Program” is just to keep the riders engaged and active, but he wants to advance the group in the future.

“The feedback is key and has made me realise there is scope to provide riders who want to do extra work with tips and tricks to work on once normality resumes.”

You can check out one of Jones’ videos below.

Anyone interested in joining the group can contact Blue Lake BMX Club on Facebook.

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