A longstanding rivalry between two countries. Here’s what happened in 2019’s first leg.

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The first leg of the 2019 Trans-Tasman Test went down during the NSW Pre-State Titles at the Maitland BMX Club over the weekend, as four riders from Australia and four riders from New Zealand battled it out for their country.

After they were announced during Stage 1 of the 2019 BMXA BAD BOY National Series at the Sydney BMX Club (READ HERE), the Aussie team have been training together ahead of their bout with the Kiwis.

Day two training done

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Come race day, the teams squared off to open the event which included such things as national anthems, an opening ceremony and of course… the Haka!

Watch it below!


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Flying the flag for the Australian boy’s team was captain Preston Murray from Happy Valley, Bailey Mills (Bayside BMX Club), Bailey Seckold (Nerang BMX Club), AJ Donald (Hawkesbury Hornets BMX Club) and Ashton Pace from Ashmore BMX Club was reserve.

The Aussie boys were sublime in their winning performance. Murray led the way by topping the points table in the five moto format, with team mates Mills in second and Seckold in third, while Donald did his part for the team, finishing sixth.

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On the girl’s ledger, Australia were represented by Charlotte Guy (Ashmore BMX Club), Abi Asmus (Nerang BMX Club), Maddie Hayes (Tuggeranong BMX Club) and Asha Smith (Atherton BMX Club), with Jasmine Standish from Suncoast Hinterlands BMX Club standing by as the reserve.

A hard-fought contest in the girl’s competition had the Aussie riders narrowly miss out on the trophy with Guy finishing second overall, while Asmus came fifth, Smith sixth and Hayes eighth.

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Test Team Manager Peter Jaehne said the weekend was again a success.

“It was a very good event with the racing being of a high quality,” Jaehne said.

“I have managed the team since 2012, starting after my son was one of the four riders in 2011. Both my boys have been part of the team and it has always been an exciting event, then and now.”

Watch all the live stream action below.


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While racing was going on for the leg one of the Trans-Tasman Test, the qualification races for leg two in New Zealand later in the year were also being undertaken.

Those selected to take on the New Zealanders on foreign soil later in the year are:

Boy’s Test Team

  1. Cameron Gatt (Geelong BMX Club)
  2. Bailey Mills (Atherton BMX Club)
  3. AJ Donald (Hawkesbury Hornets BMX Club)
  4. Kyne Baird (Terrigal BMX Club)

RESERVE: Michael McCarroll (LMX BMX Club)

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 Girl’s Test Team

  1. Jasmine Standish (Suncoast Hinterland BMX Club)
  2. Asha Smith (Atherton BMX Club)
  3. Maddie Hayes (Tuggeranong BMX Club)
  4. Breanna Marsh (Southlake/Illawarra BMX Club)

RESERVE: Vada Botfield (Pine Rivers BMX Club)

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Jaehne knows only too well that this is an exciting opportunity for the touring riders with the 10-11 days in New Zealand offering a whole lot more than BMX racing.

“New Zealand’s leg is the premium leg,” Jaehne continued.

“The kids get to spend 10-11 days there and they get to ride a number of outstanding tracks as well as an exciting activity every day. This could be luging or jet boating and a number of other exciting activities on any given day.”

The second leg will be a part of the North Island Titles held in October this year and while Jaehne takes joy in being a part of the action, his true passion for the event lies a lot deeper.

“The thing that holds me to this job is seeing those kids move through the test team and onto bigger opportunities. You can see their progression and you can see the heights they have reached as they have gone on to be successful BMX riders,” he said.

Caroline Buchanan, Sam Willoughby, the Sakakibaras and our new elite men’s national champion Izaac Kennedy are just some of many.

“It’s a great idea and something I look forward to continuing with our future teams.”