Aussies put in a strong showing across the board at the USA Grand Nationals and Race of Champions in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Budding BMX star Thomas Tucker will come home as Australia’s most successful rider at the USA BMX Grands event following a trio of first place finishes across three events last weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Tucker has long been considered a talent in the sport, the Pine Rivers BMX Club rider consistently stringing together top results. The script was no different in Tulsa as the six-time BMX World Champion won the 11-12 Open event in the Race of Champions (ROC), following up with firsts in the 11-12 Open and 12 Expert class during the main Grands event.

The young Queenslander’s exploits were the tip of the iceberg in a spate of great results from the Australian contingent, particularly those who enjoyed their trip courtesy of BMX Australia after winning their respective Grands Assault National Series title in 2017.

Above: Tom Tucker’s thrilling race to victory in the ROC event. Video: @tomtucker12 Instagram)

Of those riders Isabella Schramm from Ashmore BMX Club was another standout, as she claimed first in the 11-12 Mixed Open ROC event, before backing up with another first in the same class during the Grands, as well as second in the 12-girl’s event.

Podium results during the ROC were plentiful, with second place finishes going to Portia Eden (9-10 Mixed Open), Shannon Petre (13-14 Mixed Open), Oliver Moran (15-16 Open) and Ashlee Miller (15-16 Open).

Kira Hill (4th, 13-14 Mixed Open), Jesse Asmus (8th, 13-14 Mixed Open) and Aislynn Weber (8th, 17-20 Mixed Open) and also put on a great show for the Aussies to reach their finals.


Above: (L) Isabella Schramm and Thomas Tucker atop the podium. (R) Benny Schramm with his trophy. (Image: Amanda Schramm)

Come the Grands event, the results rolled in for group of Aussie Grands Assault victors as Tucker was joined by Schramm (11-12 Mixed Open) and Miller (15-16 Mixed Open) as winners. Schramm then went on to claim second in the 12-girl’s, while Miller recorded seventh in the 15-16 girl’s race.

Also making a return trip to the podium was Moran with second in the 15 Expert race, Eden was third in the 10-girls, paired with eighth in the 9-10 mixed open and Petre scored a pair of thirds in 14-girl’s and 13-14 Mixed Open.

Meanwhile Hill turned her fourth place from the ROC into third in the 13-girl’s Grands event, while Asmus claimed a third in the 13-14 Open and fifth in the 14 Expert. Joining the fast youngsters on the podium was Queensland’s Luke Marsh who claimed third in the 31 and Over Open.

Jesse Asmus, Luke Marsh and Oli Moran with their trophies. (Image: Team Asmus BMX)

Finishing in finalist positions were Sacha Mills (7th, 11-girl’s), Joshua Jolly (5th, 11 Expert) and Phoebe Wallen (5th, 15-16 Mixed Open).

In a major highlight for Aussie elite riders, Olympian Anthony Dean claimed a pair of second places in the elite men’s ROC and Grands pro final. Two-time Olympic rider Lauren Reynolds finished sixth in the elite women’s ROC and fifth in the Grands.

Above: Anthony Dean during the Grands pro event. Video: @AnthonyDean144 Facebook)

A couple of other Aussies who travelled to the event also reached out with reports from their time at the event, including Benny Schramm who rode to third place in the 9-year’s-boy’s Expert event at the Grands.

Kyle Hill also took on the challenge of A-Pro progressing to the quarterfinals in the ROC, and 1/8th finals in the Grands. The A-Pro ROC event was won by Aussie rider Max Cairns, with Victoria’s Hayden Fletcher third, and Queenslander’s Joshua Boyton and Matt Krasevskis seventh and eighth.

Cairns backed up for fourth in the A Pro Grands race, while Krasevskis again finished eighth.

In the Vet Pro class Queensland’s Corey Stafford finished eighth in the ROC, seventh in the Grands.

Any other Aussies with reports and pics are encouraged to email with their story!

Top results from Australian Grands Assault National Series winners


Portia Eden – 2nd, 9-10 Mixed Open

Thomas Tucker – 1st, 11-12 Open

Isabella Schramm, 1st 11-12 Mixed Open

Shannon Petre – 2nd, 13-14 Mixed Open

Kira Hill – 4th, 13-14 Mixed Open

Jesse Asmus – 8th, 13-14 Open

Oliver Moran – 2nd, 15-16 Open

Ashlee Miller – 2nd, 15-16 Open

Aislynn Weber – 8th, 17-20 Mixed Open

Grands results

Portia Eden – 3rd, 10-Girls + 8th, 9-10 Mixed Open

Sacha Mills – 7th, 11-Girls

Joshua Jolly – 5th, 11 Expert

Isabella Schramm, 1st 11-12 Mixed Open + 2nd 12-Girls

Thomas Tucker – 1st, 11-12 Open + 1st, 12 Expert

Kira Hill – 3rd, 13-Girls

Shannon Petre – 3rd, 13-14 Mixed Open + 3rd in 14-Girls

Jesse Asmus – 3rd, 13-14 Open + 5th, 14 Expert

Oliver Moran – 2nd, 15 Expert

Ashlee Miller – 1st, 15-16 Mixed Open + 7th, 15-16-Girls

Phoebe Wallen – 5th, 15-16 Mixed Open

Luke Marsh – 3rd, 31 & Over Open

See the full list of finalist results HERE.