Rounds one (Penrith, NSW), two (Frankston, VIC) and four (Nerang, QLD) have all been confirmed as having UCI status

The Union Cyclist Internationale (UCI) has confirmed their 2018 BMX calendar, and in the process confirmed that the three of seven BMX Australia (BMXA) National Series rounds submitted for UCI approval will be granted it 2018.

Next year’s National Series will visit seven states and territories in Australia, more than ever before, promoting greater access to top-tier national level competition for Aussie riders. With the publishing of the world calendar, rounds one (Penrith, NSW), two (Frankston, VIC) and four (Nerang, QLD) have all been confirmed as having UCI status.

Along with ratification of the National Series, the 2018 BMXA National Championships have now formally been recognised in the UCI calendar, as have the Oceania Championships – to be held on March 21, 2018. Both events will be held at Bunbury BMX Club in March.

With the New Zealand National Championships being held in Christchurch on January 13, it is hoped that many of our rivals across the Tasman take the chance to train up for the Oceania Championships and make their way onto green and gold soil.

Nationals and Oceania racing aside, UCI sanctioning for the 2018 National Series means that Aussie riders will have three opportunities to earn UCI points. At all three UCI-backed National Series rounds, junior elite and elite men and women’s racing will replace Superclass events.

Superclass will be on offer at all other rounds of the Aussie series.

Of the three sanctioned UCI events in Australia, Penrith and Frankston have been classified has C1 events. Meanwhile Nerang will be an HC event and in accordance with the UCI rulebook will offer double the UCI points, and a larger prize pool than the first two UCI-backed rounds.

With entries open for the National Series, riders must demonstrate due diligence when selecting the events to enter.

It is important to note that a rider who enters junior elite, or elite for the national series will be obligated to race in the elite classes at the 2018 national titles, Oceania Championships and 2018 UCI BMX World Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan.

A rider cannot enter a UCI elite class and then race in their age (challenge) class at the above-mentioned events, or vice versa. Nevertheless, a rider can race their age class at UCI sanctioned events as well as Superclass at non-UCI national series events.

Entries for international riders will open shortly.

You can download the 2018 BMXA National Series Technical Guide HERE. 


ROUND 1: February 17-18 – Penrith BMX Club, NSW (UCI) – CLICK TO ENTER

ROUND 2: April 21-22 – Frankston BMX Club, VIC* (UCI) – CLICK TO ENTER

ROUND 3: June 23-24 – Satellite City BMX Club, NT – CLICK TO ENTER

ROUND 4: July 21-22 – Nerang BMX Club, QLD* (UCI) – CLICK TO ENTER

ROUND 5: August 18-19 – Cross Keys BMX Club, SA – CLICK TO ENTER

ROUND 6: September 15-16 – Tuggeranong BMX Club, ACT – CLICK TO ENTER

ROUND 7: October 20-21 – Launceston BMX Club, TAS – CLICK TO ENTER