Following this week’s announcement that the 2020 BMX Australia National Championships are headed to Launceston, we have an update on 2021-23.

COVER PIC: Courtesy of Get Snapt

While the finalisation of the location for the 2020 nationals has taken longer than hoped, planning and negotiations to procure a host venue for 2021, 2022 and 2023 are progressing well.

The 2021 national championships will be held in the Perth metro area, with the host club and dates to be announced when confirmed with all stakeholders.

Negotiations have begun with state governments and regional councils for 2022, with an announcement confirming the venue as soon as BMXA have a commitment.

An agreement in principle has been struck with the Greater Shepparton City Council for 2023, with the final sign off reliant on budget allocations that can’t be confirmed until the appropriate budget cycle is allocated by stakeholders. This may take several years.

BMXA will continue to work with Tourism WA, the Greater Shepparton City Council and all prospective stakeholders to move towards a confirmed venue and dates in due course.

All dates will require approval from the UCI and alignment with their calendar.