Flying the Aussie flag, but not by bike.

While there will be over a hundred Aussie riders competing next week in Belgium, they won’t be the only Australians on track as Queensland’s Tracey Vince does her part as an official.

Most of the BMXA family have seen Vince many times, doing her part as she officiates from the smallest of events, to the national championships and series.

Vince cannot wait to attend her second world championships as an official and has been appointed to a very important position.

“My official title at the world championships is PCP three, which stands for President’s Commissaires Panel,” Vince explained.

“My role will have me running the staging and start hill, ensuring riders are in their correct lanes and checking race plates.

“The world championships is always fantastic and it’s an absolute honour and a great opportunity to continually strive to do.”

By sheer coincidence, Vince’s first world championships as an official was at Belgium in 2015, and she has managed to maintain the same position this time round. Looking back, Vince only recalls an incredible event and cannot wait for the gates to drop next week.

“It’s always fantastic,” Vince said.

“The atmosphere is electric, and although I don’t get to see everything that goes on because I’m in staging, you still feel the buzz from the crowd when certain things happen, even if you don’t see it… you can feel it.

“Everything from the excitement on the little ones faces to the older riders who will sometimes dance and joke with you on the start hill. The whole event is really special.”

While enjoying the atmosphere, Vince also remains professional with the top tier riders ensuring that protocol, correct officiating and respect is given when riders are preparing.

“Being an IC (international commissaire), I know how to approach most situations and I understand the tension, emotion and space that riders deserve before the gates drop,” Vince said.

“Some riders, you don’t even check on them or talk to them!”

Like our riders, the BMXA family will be cheering you on Tracey and we will be keeping an eye out for you on the start hill!

Do you want to join Tracey and the dedicated team of officials that make BMX events in Australia happen?

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