Join us as we recap the second stage of the premier Aussie BMX national series in the year’s calendar.

COVER PIC: Courtesy of Get Snapt.

The second stage of the 2019 BMXA BAD BOY National Series had it all, from the 40 special participation riders who got their share of action in the sprockets, to the older members who just live and breathe BMX.

Nearly 350 riders recommenced their racing from yesterday and for some of them, the feeling of success at the top of the podium was one of the best parts of their weekend.

Among those winners were plenty from the host state who seized the opportunity to showcase the extraordinary talent of Western Australian riders with a spectacular display of BMX racing.

Alongside producing a competitive track and providing outstanding food and facilties for riders and spectators, the Westside BMX Club also used their home dirt advantage to show off their own skills on their track.

The Westside winners from the weekend were:

  • Sarah Brooker: 9-girl’s
  • Coby Van De Velde: 10-boy’s
  • Billy Summerville: 12-boy’s
  • Alyssa Howat: 11-girl’s
  • Kindle Rapley: 12-girl’s
  • Troy Ewens: 17-24 men
  • Kishani Green: 25-29 women

Also getting a taste of the top spot were riders from other WA clubs who let the visitors know that this is THEIR state! Southside BMX Club riders in particular were successful, finding the 1-spot the same number of times as their hosts.

Southside’s successful shredders were:

  • Harrison Regan: 8-boy’s
  • Abbey Richards: 14-girl’s
  • Jayden Keogh: 16-boy’s
  • Bianca Campbell: 17-24 women
  • Jeremy Adams: 25-29 men
  • Paul Schroj: 40-44 men
  • Gareth Evans: 45-49 men

The other WA dominators who seized the day and enjoyed the fantastic weekend of racing were the Mandurah triple threat of Amelie Reid (8-girl’s), Joel McLeod (35-39 men’s) and Michelle Newport (40-44 women).

The Rockingham BMX Club also scored a treble with Jake Poat (9-boy’s), Declan McGhee (11-boy’s) and world no.1 Jordan Callum in the 15-boy’s.

Last but not least are the rest of the WA winning riders below.

  • Molly Betteridge: 10-girl’s (Eastern Golfields BMX Club)
  • Jay Lander: 13-boy’s (Byford BMX Club)
  • Ashlyn Keremelevich: 13-girl’s (Karratha BMX Club)
  • Catherin Hopkins: 30-34 women (Hills BMX Club)
  • Brad Lane: 50+ men’s AND 50+ cruiser men (Hills BMX Club)

To see a full list of results – CLICK HERE

Wrapping up the weekend were the elite men and women who began the season’s UCI series in eye catching fashion.

Doubling down following wins in Saturday’s superclass events were elite riders Kai Sakakibara and New Zealand’s Rebecca Petch. While on the junior elite register, South Australia’s Matthew Tidswell and Queensland’s Des’Ree Barnes raced their way to the top of their respective podiums.

To read that report – CLICK HERE

Of course, helping us to capture the day was Get Snapt. Enjoy the spread below with more to come in the future.


This weekend was a spotlight for national BMX talent and the BMXA members who participated throughout both days should be proud of how they not only conducted themselves on the track, but also off it.

One of the aims of the national series is to promote the extraordinary skill of our members and the Westside BMX Club helped us do that. Riders of all ages battled it out for the entire country to see… that is something special.

The next stop on the national series train is at the Ipswich West Moreton BMX Club in Queensland on April 13 and 14. Get in now because entries are closing soon (March 25) and join us for another fantastic instalment of BMX racing. – HERE