What an amazing week of BMX! So many events happening around Australia and there are so many more to come!

Round one of the BMXNSW State Series was at Maitland Tenambit BMX Club on Sunday February 4 and it didn’t disappoint! 467 riders turned up to race and a lot of them produced outstanding results!

Superstar siblings Saya Sakakibara and her brother Kai did very well in the Superclasses with Saya claiming victory with Kai taking out a close second place behind LMX Bicycle Supercross rider Andrew Hughes.

The local hometown heroes took out seven of the 41 class races showing the strong competition that turned up to race round one of this exciting series. Those heroes included Zalia Monkley in the 10 girls, Lachlan Moore in the 13-14 Cruiser boys as well as the 14 boys, Paul Mclean in the 35-39 men’s, Edward Venables 40-44 men’s, Kane Halson in the 8-10 boys  and Dean Johnstone in the 30+ Masters.

With Round one of the National Series only 12 days away, hosting club riders from the Penrith BMX club had a point to prove! We start with the Fleming girls as Danielle claimed victory in the 11-12 Cruiser while Nicola took the 15-16 Cruiser. Other high flyers were Adam Sylvester (25-29 men’s), Chris Powell (35-39 men’s) and Sandy Cameron in the 45-49 men’s.

Next we head to round two of the Western Australia Super Series at the Southern Districts BMX club. Over 400 riders took to the track on Sunday February 4 and put on a stellar show.

Southern Districts BMX club had some great performances, but only managed two first place finishes with Deegan Wood in the 9 boys novice and Daniel Laird in the 30+ men.

On the other hand, Bunbury BMX club who are hosting the National Championships had a great day on the track. In form superstar Steele Cherubino doubled up on the weekend winning the 11-12 voucher as well as the 12 boys expert. Other Bunbury victors included Jayden Holmes in the 8-10 voucher, Daniel Doran the 14 boys, Leisha Sunderland 30+ women and Aaron Danks in the 40+ men.

A total of 337 riders had a crack at round one of the State Series in Victoria. Also known as Helltrack, the event kicked off at Frankston BMX club on Saturday February 3.

Brandon Te Hiko from Geelong BMX club was phenomenal in the Men’s Superclass event winning all of his races. Alongside Brandon was Phoebe Wallen from the Knox BMX Club who also won all her races in the Superclass women’s class.

Knox BMX club had an incredible day of racing notching together 11 victories with 28 classes hitting Helltrack. These winners include; Aiden Hall (10 Expert boys), Stephanie Alexander (12 Expert girls), Kye Tormay (12 Expert boys), Emilee Mcgregor (12 Expert girls), Harrison Sala (14 boys), Tahlia Lacy (17-29 women), Greg Kelly (50+ open wheel), Harvey Brooks (9 Expert boys), Jessica Lacy (9 Expert girls) and Russel Brown (30+).

Other BMX events around the nation included round one week one of Southside BMX clubs event, Atherton’s club racing, Wanneroo BMX round one Night 3 and Westside BMX club race night.

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Featured Image source: Maitland BMX riders blog Facebook page.