Meet our new National Event Manager, Emily MacIver!

The BMXA family is going from strength to strength! Not only do we have more and more riders joining the fray, but also our management team at BMX Australia headquarters has just had another dose of talent.

Joining BMXA in late December in the role of Nationals Events Manager was Emily Maclver, who joined the team following a stint at Golf Australia. Key among her new responsibilities with BMXA will be management of the National Series and National Championships, ensuring they run as smoothly as the best riders through the rhythm section.

Born and bred in Sydney, Maclver has spent a large amount of time in the ACT studying Sports Media at the University of Canberra.  She is currently completing her Master’s of Business Administration.

“I’m really exciting to be part of a progressive and exciting sport, it is very different to what I’ve done before and I’m looking forward to the challenge,” Maclver said.

She probably won’t be jumping on a BMX bike anytime soon, but Maclver said she is looking forward to meeting the people who ride and run this amazing sport. Having only just joined the team, understanding that our sport is one for athletes of all ages and abilities has been the standout learning in her first days.

“Whether you’re young or old, there is an event just for you. The biggest impact has been the incredibly close community, and that it’s a great participation sport,” she exclaimed.

Her commitment to running successful championship events, broadening her knowledgebase of the sport and the competition, as well as meeting all those involved means that Maclver will embark on a steep learning curve, and will fit right in.

Catch her trackside at all major events in 2018.