Under AusCycling there will be a new coaching education pathway which will offer both coaching and instructor accreditations.


Coaches are required to be financial members of AusCycling

When your BMXA membership is due for renewal, you will receive an email advising how to renew as an AusCycling member.

As an accredited coach you will be required to take one of the following AusCycling memberships:

Lifestyle with Club
Race with Club

A coach (or instructor) must join a Club. You may join as many clubs as you like although one club will need to be nominated as your primary club for the purposes of voting. Clubs you coach at, may require you become a member of their Club.

Current Coaching Accreditation 

Your current coaching accreditation will continue and be moved into an equivalent AusCycling accreditation with the same expiry date at some point during 2021. You will be given plenty of notice and advice as to what (if anything) is required.

You need to continue to ensure your membership, accreditation, WWCC and First Aid are current and kept up to date to be covered by AusCycling insurance when you coach.

New Accreditations/Opportunities

Under AusCycling there will be a new coaching education pathway which will offer both coaching and instructor accreditations. These will be rolled out over the next 12 months. The pathway will facilitate ease of becoming an AusCycling coach or instructor across more than one discipline.

The first new accreditation will be called Community Instructor and will be launched by the end of November. It will offer assistant instructor accreditations, mini wheeler instructor and the capacity for school teachers to hold BMX riding school sessions in conjunction with an AusCycling affiliated BMX Club. This course is completed online and will have a number of pre-requisites.

Before the end of 2020, the AusCycling Foundation Instructor Course will be launched and will be the replacement for the BMXA Club coach. Existing BMXA Club coaches will be able to take this course if they wish to add MTB, Track or Road to their current BMX Club coaching accreditation.

The Foundation Instructor course will require pre-requisites to be completed, have an online theory component and a practical assessment component. It will be similar to the newly launched on-line BMXA Club course.

The current BMX Level 1 Course will continue in 2021 and become part of a future next level AusCycling coaching and instructor course which will provide for cross-discipline accreditation.

AusCycling will also be developing through 2021, a Course for those who wish to progress above the current BMXA Level 1 Course.


Reaccreditation will still be required and will continue unchanged in the short term.

At some time during 2021, re-accreditation will start to occur into one of the new AusCycling Courses. Coaches will be advised when the new process commences and of its requirements.


New AusCycling systems are being developed for coaches and officials, but initially the current OSM membership system will continue and show your coaching accreditation and screenings, courses attended etc.

Your coaching accreditation data will be moved to the new AusCycling system sometime before the end of 2020. Until this happens, your existing BMXA digital card will show your coaching accreditations and valid coaches will appear on the BMXA website and App.


Initially, there will be no change in insurance coverage and you can continue coaching as per the current BMXA requirements.

Sometime in early 2021 insurance coverage will be expanded and provide opportunities for different levels of cover including BMX coaching as a business. There will be a plenty of notice provided regarding change and lead times to understand the changes and consider if they offer an opportunity for you.

Keeping up-to-Date

The coaching education pathway of AusCycling will continue to evolve over the next 12 months.  Please make sure you read communications that come out and that you check the AusCycling website regularly.

We appreciate that change can take a little bit of getting used to, but coaching education and opportunities under AusCycling will increase opportunities for you as a coach and/or instructor or alternatively you may wish to simply continue what you are currently doing in the coaching sphere. Either option will be available to you.

Codes of Conduct and Behaviour

AusCycling will have a number of codes regarding behaviour, child safety, and members protection. These will be available on the AusCycling website from November 1.


Please refer to the new AusCycling website for all contact information from November 1.