A trip down memory lane + your need to know information before the gates drop this weekend.

COVER PIC: Courtesy of Get Snapt

The fifth stage of the 2019 BMXA BAD BOY National Series is about to commence at the Cove BMX Club in Adelaide this weekend, so let’s cast our minds back to what happened last time the series stopped in South Australia.

Similar to the numbers for this year, over 300 riders competed at the Cross Keys BMX Club in Adelaide’s north and the local state riders used their home advantage to take 11 of the top spots on the podium.

A total of 42 classes were contested, across 33 gates in the final’s session (that included merged classes) and many riders came away with a clean sweeping performance.

They were:

  • Molly Williamson: 8-girl’s (Redlands BMX Club)
  • Stephanie Alexander: 9-girl’s (Knox BMX Club)
  • Cameron Gatt: 10-boy’s + 8-10 cruiser boy’s (Geelong BMX Club)
  • Imogen Healy: 11-girl’s (Tea Tree Gully BMX Club)
  • Shae Archbold: 12-girl’s (The Cove BMX Club)
  • Joshua Jolly: 11-12 cruiser boy’s (Knox BMX Club)
  • Jake Squires: 13-boy’s (Happy Valley BMX Club
  • Isabella Schramm: 13-girl’s (Ashmore BMX Club)
  • Jordan Callum: 14-boy’s (Rockingham BMX Club)
  • Lilyanne Croft: 14-girl’s (Westside BMX Club)
  • Oliver Moran: 16-boy’s (Manning Valley BMX Club)
  • Sam Thompson: 15-16 cruiser boy’s (Sydney BMX Club)
  • James Lautier: 25-29 men’s (Sunbury BMX Club)
  • Craig Graham: 40-44 men’s + 40-44 cruiser men’s (Northern Park BMX Club)
  • Kiana Botfield: 17-24 women’s (Pine Rivers BMX Club)
  • Bailey Stewart: 30-34 men’s (Ballarat-Sebastopol BMX Club)
  • Sharon Watson: 30+ master women’s (Happy Valley BMX Club)
  • Brett Malic: 50+ men’s (The Cove BMX Club)

Capturing the spotlight was the event’s premier category, the superclass.

In the women’s event, Castle Hill’s Ashlee Miller took on the 2019 elite women’s national champion Leanna Curtis and got the win in a nail-biting victory.


Representing South Australia was the 2015 junior world time trial champion Shane Rosa, who banged bars with the 2018 elite men’s national series champion Brad Game and Victoria’s Tom Siinmaa to claim the superclass victory.


To get a full recap of the action from Cross Keys, take a look at BMXA’s YouTube playlist – HERE!

Rosa will once again be on the national series gate and this time it will be on his home track at The Cove, but he won’t be only front runner from South Australia looking like taking the top spot on the podium.

Rio Olympian Anthony Dean will get a taste of the 2019 national series as he spends some time at home with his friends and family as well as running some coaching clinics before he returns to the world stage.

Read more about that – HERE!

Now that we have caught up on all the action that went down last year. It’s time to look to this weekend and make sure all your need to know information is down, so all your efforts can be on the racing!


 Registration for the national series stage will open at 10am and will remain open until 12:30pm. Remember – NO REGO, NO RACING!

Practice is expected to start at 11am with the 8-16 year old’s getting their time on the track, the 17+ & masters will then get their time from 11:30 to 12pm. Dean and the superclass competitors will warm up from 12 to 12:30pm before the sprocket rockets shine from 12:30 to 12:45pm.

Racing will then commence at 1pm with the challenge and cruiser classes running through all their four motos while the superclass competes in their three.

The finals gates are expected to drop from 4pm and will look to finish at 4:45pm.

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Are you looking for a place to grab a feed after churning out your BMX energy at The Cove?

The Cove Tavern is your place to go as a 25% dinner deal heads your way.
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Is your flight out of Adelaide on Sunday afternoon?

Why not enjoy the BMXSA state series round which is going down at The Cove on Sunday August 25?

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