National Team Manager Luke Madill and Satellite City local Caitlin Jong guide you through the track for the third round of the BMXA national series

Riding a new track can be tricky and practice before racing on a new circuit is most important but before you get to Satellite City, we thought we’d give you a little advice on Darwin’s premier BMX track.

Local rider and W5 Caitlin Jong describes the track as fast and fun.

“It’s a very flowy track,” Jong explained to BMXA.

“It’s not sharp and tight but rather very smooth. You can run through it nicely.

“It’d definitely my favourite track with it’s long and fun straights where you can get lots of speed up. There’s also some technical parts which makes it even better.”

BMXA National Team Manager and Beijing Olympian Luke Madill likes the track and his analysis below echoed Jong’s sentiments.

The first straight

Underneath Satellite City’s giant roof you’ll see a pretty impressive BMX track.

There’s split first straights with a 5 and 8 metre hill so the speed is going to be quite fast going into that first turn which is also very large.

The second straight

Coming into the second straight, riders are again faced with split straights.

The pro side is not too technical but we’re going to see racing at such high speeds that we will definitely see some close racing into that second corner.

On the amateur side, it’s a little bit more technical with the speeds coming into it and a bit challenging coming into that second turn.

The third straight

The third straight is a single track rhythm straight where you’ll see a whole bunch of different combinations. So again, look for some of the more technical riders look to push through towards the end of the race.

The last straight

The final straight is fairly short and tight so riders are going to be jostling for positions coming across the line – there’s not a lot of time coming down that last straight.

So there you have it. Before proceedings kick off tomorrow don’t forget to follow our BMXA event page HERE to ensure that you stay up to date with all the important announcements and action on and off the track.

Good luck – we’ll see you there!

Cover PIC: Satellite City Facebook page