BMXA has released the 2019 rule book and there are a number of updates and amendments. Find out what’s new and fresh for next year…

COVER PIC: An official running the show at the fifth round of the BMXA BAD BOY National Series at Cross Keys BMX Club. (Pic courtesy of GetSnapt)

As is the case every year, BMXA looks to refine our rules and regulations to align with UCI rule changes and to improve the safety and efficiency of our own events.

BMXA National Officiating Director Paul Connors has combed through the new rule book and put together the below table to help you understand some of the important changes.

The table (below in alphabetical order) does not cover “all” rule changes – but summarises the important changes for 2019. It is recommended that all officials, parents and riders read the rule book in its entirety to understand the rules as they stand for 2019.


Item Description

All reference to A/AA classes has been removed. These classes do now not exist in this rulebook


Riders must now comply with both ASADA and BMXA’s Anti-Doping Policies


A common-sense clause now exists in relation to the sharpness of brake levers


Classes 12 and under can no longer wear clips
All reference to Sprocket assistance restrictions has been removed because none of them are permitted to wear clips

Combining Classes  

Clarification on combining classes up to 17-24

with the start

Clarification on what the penalty is for interfering with the start of a race or starting from the incorrect gate


Clarification on how to separate multiple IRMs (Invalid Results Mark)


Masterclass now consists of 2 classes:
– Vet Pro: 30+ 20”
– Masterclass: 35+ Open Wheel
These classes do not ride 8m start hills or pro sections
Class combinations are at the discretion of the Race Director

Mini-Wheeler upgrades  

No restrictions on when a mini-wheeler can turn sprocket

Multiple Classes  

Riders can ride (at any event where they qualify by way of age etc.) –

1 x Age Class
1 x Cruiser Class
1 x Masterclass
1 x Superclass

Number plates  

Clarification on colour of number plates (especially for Master classes)
Clarification on what plate you can run at what event

Overriding Rules  

No organisation (Club, Region, State etc.) may make a rule that overrides or contradicts any rule in the BMX Australia Rule Book

Pro Sections  

Only riders 15 and above in Superclass and Championship can ride a pro section


The use of 30 year old or era specific bikes in Retro events will be self regulated

Riding up  

Clarification that competitive riders (8yrs and above) can ride up in age

Sanctioning Matrix  

Minimum numbers have changed and the table has been rationalised

Sprocket Rocket Licences  

Changes to when a rider is issued a competition licence (electronically, via the BMXA app)


The responsibility of a stager to check that a rider’s transponder is on his/her bike has been removed – it is now wholly and solely the responsibility of the rider


Superclass is now 15+ year of birth (for 2019). For 2020 this will change to 16+

Supercross Hills  

Only riders 15yrs and above in Superclass and Championship classes can use supercross size start hills


Clarification on how to handle ties when they can’t be broken

Junior Sports Policy  

All references removed

Posting points  

Clarification that points don’t need to be printed – internet-based service is acceptable


The 2019 BMX Australia Rule Book can be found HERE.