Every BMXA member has a story – here is your chance to share it!

COVER PIC: The BMXA media team covering all the angles at Launceston BMX Club. (pic courtesy of Southern City Photography)

Throughout the year, BMXA produces news stories from around the country and beyond as results are recorded, members are appreciated, and outstanding opportunities are shared

Yet unfortunately, the eyes and ears of the BMXA media team cannot be everywhere at once and there are stories that are missed. This is especially prevalent at events or regions we are not able to attend.

Countless riders, countless stories and only a short period to spread the word, the cruellest part about it, is that the rest of the family don’t get to appreciate the success a particular member or club deserves.

So, here is YOUR chance!

We want to hear from you – we want to know every detail including the passion, the pride and the pain. Everything from your favourite bike to an exciting event – no story is a bad story. We’ll never tell all the stories, but we can try and tell more each year!

We will also be trying to record more video stories from BMX Australia’s national series stages and the national championships events so if you’re going to be at a particular round and think we should tell your story, let us know.

Below is a form asking for an email address and a quick synopsis – fill it out and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Help us spread the word of BMX and let the rest of the world know we mean business.