Every BMX rider’s plate means something to them, take a look and tell us your story!

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A few days ago we wanted to know why you chose the numbers on your plate. The responses were outstanding with some cracking reasons, which we just had to share. Here are some of the top stories: 

The Botfield’s have plenty of riders to cheer for on track, so it’s nice to see them use their plates to remember who is who on track.

Julia Botfield: “I ride 63 as it’s my kid’s birthday’s added up and they ride 63 with the number order they were born in in front of it. 163, 263, 363, 465 & 563.”

Having a number is very sentimental to any BMX rider even once you’ve hung up the bike. For Craig Rendell, even more so after deciding to come back to the track after a 23-years.

Craig Rendell: “358 was the number I raced with as a teen. My kids got involved and when I got tired of watching I renewed my license after a 23-year rest and asked if it was available and it was. So that makes it mine! #358.”

Some choose their plate number to show their birthdate, or a milestone in life…even if that moment is learning your numbers in the first place.

Zoie Zojo Anderson: “My son is a sprocket rocket and chose 100 as his plate number. As he started Prep this year and was so proud he learnt how to count to 100 :0) he is 5. That is now his favourite number”

Many people know Mr BMX (Jason Eecen) and his outstanding 20 years of service to BMX in Australia, READ MORE HERE. It so happens that Eecen has kept his race plate for 15 years!

Talon Eecen Dobson: “252 (25 too) as my dad Jason Eecen has been running 25 for over 15 years.”

Sometimes the numbers just hold a special place in the heart of a rider.

Jason Jackson:  “My son Max runs 29 for his oldest sister. She unfortunately passed away when he was two. 29 was her date of birth – it’s also his football number. Max29 is twelve and started in 2012.”

You can never get enough of sport and Rebecca Smith combines her two favourites.

Rebecca Smith: “I started BMX as my summer sport from rugby. Everyone wants to be part of the 1st 15(starting team) in rugby therefore 115 for BMX.”

Rad or BMX Bandits? For Gary Bradford, it’s Rad all the way and his mate Cru Jones.

Gary Bradford: “33… Cru Jones is Rad.”

Your birthday stays with you forever and for Brandon Downing he wants to see it everywhere he goes.

Brandon Downing: “I have 14 BMX plates for different bikes all with 72 on them and my car is MANG72.”

Picking race numbers is different for everyone and for Matt Fraser and his team, it’s their special family members who get to do it.

Matt Fraser: “I run 84 as it’s the number that came on a second-hand plate when I first started. My eldest son runs 40 as his aunty & uncle picked the number. My youngest son will run 99 when/if he races as that’s what his aunty/uncle picked for him. I personally think it’s important to have a number that’s sentimental or meaningful to you.”

Wrapping up our top 10 stories is the silver medallist in the 40+ women’s cruiser class from Baku , Melanie Gibson. In 1984, Gibson and her family went to Big B Bicycles and all ended up with the same plate!

Melanie Gibson: “In 1984 Big B bicycles only had #4s left. So, the whole family; Mum, dad, my bros and I all became 44.”

There were so many great responses which you can see through the post below. If you have a great story behind your race plate, add your comment to the post!